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What Goes Where

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Recycle or trash? Bulky or Household Hazardous Waste?

Look at the chart below to see how you should discard common household trash. 

Items marked HHW can go to the City's Household Hazardous Waste facility located at 1621 S. Portland.

Items marked "Other" are not accepted in the City's Trash and Recycling program, and need to be dropped off at one of the outlets noted on our Beyond the Bin page.

 BULKY  HHW Other/ Not Accepted
Acids and caustics       X   
Air Conditioners - Call 297-2833 in advance to arrange special
Aluminum foil    X      
Appliances, small -Small kitchen appliances such as coffee makers, toasters or blenders may be thrown away.  X         
Appliances, large - Washers/dryers, dishwashers, ovens, may      X     
Automotive fluids (motor oil, lubricants, antifreeze, brake fluid)        X  
Automotive parts or tubes X         
Auto glass, windshields (place broken glass in bags. Wrap and secure in tact windshields in cardboard and tape closed.) X    X    
Auto tires         X
Batteries (household batteries, car batteries)        X X

Bathroom Product Containers (shampoo/conditioner/body wash bottles, cosmetic plastics)

Bicycle frames and wheels      X    
Bicycle tires, parts and tubing X        
Books (paperbacks, and hard back pages)   X      
Bottles, glass (wine, beer, other beverage)   X      
Bottles, plastic (soda, water, detergent, bathroom and kitchen  bottles)   X       
Bricks, rocks, concrete from demolition          X
Bubble wrap  X        
Cans, aluminum (soda, beer other drink cans)   X       
Cans, steel (soup, fruit and vegetable, coffee and pet food cans)   X      
Cardboard boxes (corrugated and paper cardboard)   X       
Carpets and rugs     X     
CDs, DVDs, CD/DVD cases, cassette tapes, VHS tapes  X        
Ceramics, crockery  X        
Cereal, cookie and cracker (paperboard, flattened - remove bags)        
Clothing (throw-away) X        
Coffee cans, metal or plastic    X      
Coffee cups, paper (i.e. to-go coffee cups from coffee shops) X         
Coffee filters X         
Computers, monitors and hard drives         X 
Concrete         X
Construction/remodeling debris - Limited to DIY projects. (Contractors must take away their own debris.)     X     
Cooking oils (fats, oils, butter and other greases used to cook) X         
Credit Cards (preferably shredded) X        
Detergent, fabric softener bottles (drained, with lid on)   X       
Diapers or pet waste X        
Dirt (landscape dirt) Small amounts of dirt from plants or grass is acceptable, but please do not dump landscape dirt into your cart.         X 
 Drink cartons (milk, nut milk and juice cartons)   X       
 Egg Cartons, paperboard and plastic   X      
 Egg Cartons, Styrofoam X        
 Explosives, including fireworks         X 
 Feminine hygiene products X         
 Fertilizer       X   
 Frozen food boxes   X       
 Foam (foam cushions, polystyrene foam, Styrofoam)  X        
 Food waste X         
 Furniture (mattresses, couches, chairs, etc. - mattresses must
 be wrapped. Mattresses with beg bugs must be labeled such.)

 Garden hose, cable, cords and rope  X        
 Glass bottles and jars (labels can stay on)    X      
 Glass (heat-resistant kitchen glass, windows, auto glass)   X   X     
 Grass clippings (bagged)  X        
 Hangers, wire X        
 Hangers, plastic    X      
 Honey bottles (plastic, rinsed) and jars (glass, rinsed)    X      
 Insecticides (household and garden)       X  
 Jars (glass and plastic, rinsed, label stays on)   X      
 Kitchen wrap  X         
Landscape waste (clippings from basic landscape maintenance. Grass clippings should be bagged. Tree limbs go in Bulky Waste. Dirt and rocks not accepted).
Light bulbs (regular/incandescent) X         
Light bulbs (CFL)       X   
 Magazines, catalogs, direct mail   X      
 Mason jars   X      
 Mattresses - If mattress has been infested with bed bugs, it must   be marked and labeled such     X    
 Milk jugs and cartons (plastic and paperboard)   X       
 Mirrors (small mirrors can go in trash, see BULKY WASTE page for
 packing instructions for large mirrors)
 Motor Oil        X  
 Newspaper, notebooks, notepads   X       
 Office paper, stationery    X       
 Paint, paint thinners, lacquers and stains        X  
 Panty hose X        
Paper bags, paper sacks (paper grocery sacks) - Recycle alone or use to contain shredded paper    X      
 Paper plates and cups, including paper coffee cups X         
 Paper towels X         
 Pesticides (household and garden sprays)       X   
 Pet beds  X   X      
 Pet food bags X         
 Pet food cans X         
 Phone books   X      
 Pizza boxes (only recycle clean boxes - no grease or food residue.
  Throw away parts that are not clean and dry.)
X X       
Plastic bags (film bags, grocery bags, trash bags, bread or newspaper bags, shipping wrap, shopping bags) X         
Plastic bottles - shampoo/conditioner bottles, detergent bottles, soap bottles, cosmetic bottles, household cleaner bottles (with lid and squirt nozzle), water and drink bottles. DO NOT recycle bottles that have been used for motor oils, pesticides, drain cleaner or other household toxins.   X       
Poisons (pest control, landscape and other poisons)        X  
Pool chemicals (chlorine, HTH, fungicide, algacide, etc.)        X   
Pots and pans X        
Prescription  vials (remove label, empty pills)
Propane Tanks - Tanks up to 30 lbs. can be dropped off at the City's Household Hazardous Waste Facility.        X  X 
Refrigerators - must call 297-2833 in advance to arrange special pickup for appliances with Freon and other coolants.     X    X 
Rocks (Including rocks from landscape or construction project)         X
Rubber tires (not auto tires), rubber bands, rubber balls X         
Rust Remover       X   
Shredded paper   X      
Spray bottles (plastic, with spray nozzle. For general household products only. Spray bottles with herbicides and insecticides should go to Household Hazardous Waste.)   X       
Straws, plastic and other X         
Styrofoam, packing foam and peanuts X        
Syringes - Must be disposed of in hard-plastic container and placed in Big Blue. X         
 Terra cotta pots and garden accessories X         
 Tires          X
 Toilets      X    
 Toilet paper X         
 Tree branches, cut logs      X
 TVs, DVD players, Blue Ray players X    X
 VHS tapes, cassette tapes, CDs/DVDs, CD cases, DVD cases X         
 Weed killers, herbicides       X   
 Wrapping paper X        
 Yard waste, grass clippings (preferably bagged) X