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What to Recycle

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recycleright_webcarouselmainRecycling is easy if you follow a few, simple guidelines.

There is no recycling in June as we get ready to launch our large-cart program in early July. DO NOT place your large green carts at the curbside until we start the new program.

Do's and Dont's:

  • DO place your cart at the curbside no later than 6 a.m. 
  • DO place all materials loose in your bin or cart. (Shredded paper can go in paper sacks).
  • DO rinse cans, jars and bottles with water before placing in cart (a quick rinse should do for most items. Items such as peanut butter or other sticky substances may need a more thorough cleaning).
  • DO leave labels on.
  • DO break down and flatten cardboard boxes (for green cart recycling beginning in July).
  • DO NOT use your recycle bins (or carts) for regular trash, yard waste or construction trash.
  • DO NOT put recyclable goods in plastic bags and put plastic bags in bin or cart. Plastic bags can clog machines and slow down the separation process.
  • DO NOT recycle cardboard or other items that are wet or greasy (i.e. greasy pizza boxes).


 recycle paper

Regular household or office paper.
Staples and paper clips are okay. Please remove binder clips.

  • Magazines, newspaper, direct mail, coupons
  • Office paper, stationery, spiral notebooks, notepads
  • Shredded paper (can put inside paper sacks)
  • Phone books, paperback books
 Do not recycle: Paper towels, toilet paper, disposable diapers, paper napkins, paper coffee cups, or any paper that is wet or has been contaminated with food, household toxins, human waste, oil or grease.

recycle plastics

Food and bathroom bottles and containers. Cleaning spray bottles.
Empty, rinse and drain as possible. Replace lids before putting in cart. 

  • Milk, juice, pops and water bottles (emptied and drained)
  • Picnic cups and plates (rinse off food)
  • Yogurt, dairy and margarine tubs (rinse out)
  • Shampoo and conditioner bottles
  • Detergent, fabric softener bottles
  • Prescription vials - emptied
  • Clean garden pots or flats
  • Packaging materials such as clam shells, or semi-rigid plastics
  • Spray bottles with regular household cleaners (not hazardous waste)
 Do not recycle: Plastic grocery bags, bread or newspaper bags, kitchen wrap or
shipping/packaging wrap, chip, cereal, pet food or other flexible bags, bubble wrap, plastic drinking straws, Styrofoam, household storage containers, hoses or lawn furniture, bottles that contain household poisons or automotive fluids, CDs, CD or cassette cases or hard plastics.

 recycle glass

Empty, rinse and drain bottles. All colors of glass accepted. Do not need to
remove labels.

  • Glass water, wine, beer and spirit bottles
  • Food and mason jars
 Do not recycle: Window glass, mirrors, automotive glass or heat-resistant kitchen
glass, ceramic dish wear, terra cotta or light bulbs.

 recycle aluminum and metals

Aluminum and Steel cans and kitchen products
Remove food residue. Empty and rinse. Throw lids in separately.

  • Aluminum cans: soda, beer and other beverage cans
  • Aluminum foil and bakeware
  • Soup, fruit and vegetable, coffee and pet food cans.
 Do not recycle:  Automotive parts, scrap metal, garage door panels, propane tanks,
hangers, pots and pans

 recycle cardboard

Cardboard - BIG GREEN ONLY
Clean cardboard, flattened and free from food residue and grease.
Remove liners from cardboard boxes and put in Big Blue. 

  • Cereal, cracker and other food boxes (throw away liners)
  • Shipping and delivery boxes (break down and flatten).
  • Pizza boxes - no food or greasy residue. Recycle top only if
    there is grease on bottom.
 Do not recycle: Cardboard that is wet, contains melted-on food debris or
automotive grease.

 recycle cartons

Paperboard Cartons - BIG GREEN ONLY
Empty, rinse and drain

  • Dairy milk, nut milk and juice cartons
  • Coated and non-coated frozen food boxes


Don't find it? Check out our Beyond the Bin page to see where you can drop off Household Hazardous Waste or other products.