Storm Debris Pick-Up

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For storm debris collection from May 25 storms

City officials have completed their damage assessment of the areas hit by severe storms on Saturday, May 25, and have created a designated storm area based upon the storm track and damage path. 

Residents in the designated storm area are eligible for a special storm debris collection beginning May 29.  Collection crews will make two sweeps of the designated storm area between May 29 and June 17. This should give residents in the affected area time to cut up their debris and place it on the curb. If residents wait until after the special collection period to set out their storm debris, they may be charged for excess bulky waste on their monthly utility bill.

Only residents in the designated storm area are eligible for the special collection. 

Designated storm area


The designated storm area follows a storm track from roughly NW 10th and MacArthur Ave to NE 63rd and Martin Luther King, and is broken into three sections, as follows: 

  • Area 1: Between MacArthur Ave on the west and May Ave on the east, and NW 10th on the south and NW 23rd on the north.
  • Area 2: Between May Ave on the west and Santa Fe Ave on the east, and NW 10th on the south and NW 36th on the north.
  • Area 3: Between Santa Fe Ave on the west and M.L. King on the east, and NE 23rd on the south and up to NE 63rd on the north. 

What we will collect

  • The City will collect downed trees, limbs, fencing and other vegetative debris.
  • Tree limbs need to be cut into sections 10-feet-long or smaller, and stacked on the curb.
  • Do not put regular bulky waste such as furniture and appliances in with your storm debris.
  • Make sure all debris is set away from mailboxes, poles, gas and power lines, water meters, trees and other obstructions.
  • Residents in the designated storm area will not incur additional collection fees so long as they place their storm debris at the curb during the special collection period.
  • Residents whose regularly bulky waste pick-up day falls within the special storm collection period can still put their waste at the curb so long as it is in a separate pile. Regular bulky waste rules apply, and excess fees will apply if customers exceed the standard 4-cubic yards for regular bulky pick-up.

 Commercial properties

Commercial properties – including businesses, churches, schools, nonprofits and other organizations – are not eligible for curbside pickup by the City and are responsible for their own debris collection. 

Call Utilities Customer Service at (405) 297-2833 for questions and details.