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Composting creates nature’s best mulch.

A compost pile “cooks” into rich fertilized soil for your yard or garden. Compost improves soil fertility, encourages healthy roots and loosens Oklahoma’s hard clay soil.


  • Brown materials
    Bark, shredded cardboard, pine needles, fruit waste, sawdust, shredded paper, peanut shells and leaves.
  • Green materials
    Coffee grounds, grass clippings, food and vegetable scraps, garden and yard trimmings and hay.
  •  Water

You can purchase a compost bin, build one or just make pile on the ground and cover it with a tarp. Add green and brown materials, alternating layers two to six inches deep. Toss several shovels of dirt onto each layer.

Sprinkle compost pile with water and mix well. Add water and mix frequently to keep the compost moist and hot. Add several days’ worth of materials instead of small additions to keep the compost hot and cooking in the sun.