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Starting Utility Service

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Starting your OKC utility service is a phone call away -- (405) 297-2833 -- and begins two business days after your call. You'll need to have the following information handy:

  • Phone number
  • Social Security number
  • Deposit or letter of credit from another utility

If you are new to the Oklahoma City area or you do not currently have our water service, you'll need to speak to a Customer Service Representative at (405) 297-2833

Your Utility Bill

Services are billed on a cycle determined by your address. Payment is due 15 days after the billing date. Water meters are read monthly. Please make meters accessible to the meter reader. If the meter cannot be read, the monthly usage will be estimated.

Charges may include:

  • water and wastewater services
  • Trash, recycling and bulk waste collection
  • EPA mandated storm water drainage
  • EMSAcare

Deposit Refund

Your deposit will be refunded after 12 months of good credit with the city. The refund will be credited to the utility account as a payment. If you close an account, the deposit will be applied to your final bill. Any credit balance will be mailed.

Go to your online payment system account or call Customer Service to:

    • Transfer service
    • Make bank/credit card changes
    • Unlock account
    • Register your account
    • Set up a payment arrangement