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Roads in OKC

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Pavement Condition Index Q&A

Q: What is a Pavement Condition Index?
A: A Pavement Condition Index (PCI) is a numerical value (0-100) given to a street which rates the surface condition of the pavement.

Q: How is PCI Measured?
A: The City uses an inertial profiler, a device attached to a vehicle, to measure ride quality smoothness and roughness of a street. Staff will also evaluate, inspect and observe pavement condition.

Q: What does PCI Measure?
A: PCI measures two conditions:Pavement Q&A
    •type, extent and severity of pavement surface distresses
    •smoothness and ride comfort of the road

Q: How is PCI used?
A: PCI is used to:
    •identify immediate maintenance needs   
    •monitor pavement condition over time
    •develop a network preventative maintenance strategy
    •evaluate pavement materials and designs

Q: What is a road defect:
A: Defects include:
    •raveling                    •cracking                     •upheaval
    •flushing                    •spalling
    •rutting                      •faulting

Q: How is PCI rated:
A: In Oklahoma City Pavement Condition is measured with the following scale:

86-100: Good (no work needed)
71-85: Satisfactory (overlay)
51-70: Fair (mill/overlay)
31-50: Poor (mill/overlay, reconstruction)
0-30: Very Poor (reconstruction)

Pavement Condition Index Q&A Downloadable Handout

Check to find the condition of your street.

Private Streets

While the City maintains over 3,500 miles of public streets, there are more than 500 miles of privately owned streets in OKC. Private street maintenance and upkeep is the sole responsibility of the neighbors adjoining the private streets, City crews may not perform maintenance on private streets. 

Street signs typically designate the following:

  • Public streets: green background with white lettering
  • Private streets: white background with black lettering

Note: some private streets may not be clearly marked or located behind a gated entrance.

Check to find out if your street is public or private.