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Select Water Smart Plants for the Landscape

Adding plants to the landscape that require less water and thrive in Oklahoma's climate is easy. Check out the new online plant database and search for flowers, trees and shrubs that match your landscape. Check out some of these landscape designs to get you started towards your own water smart landscape.

Support an H2Outstanding Restaurant and save water too!

Own a restaurant? Become a leader in our community by reducing water use and helping to change water use behavior both in the kitchen and the dining room. Each participant will receive: 

  • FREE pre-rinse spray valve
  • Recognition on SqueezeEveryDrop.com and the H2OKC eNewsletter
  • Window cling displaying your commitment to using water wisely
  • Learn More

Watering schedules are now in place.

Oklahoma City and surrounding communities have implemented Progressive Water Conservation Stages. Mandatory odd/even watering (Stage 1) is now permanently in effect. If the drought worsens, additional conservation measures will take effect. How does odd/even watering work? It's simple.

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