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About Your Bill

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The Oklahoma City Utilities Department has multiple different customer classes based upon the level of service each customer receives. The information below is specific to our largest customer group, which is retail water and trash customers who live inside the Oklahoma City limits. For a complete list of our service fees, visit our Rates & Fees page. 

Reading Your Water Bill

Your monthly water bill includes both fixed and volume charges, plus other charges depending upon what services you have with us. These charges may include: water, wastewater, curbside trash & recycling pick-up (if eligible), a required EPA drainage fee for Stormwater Quality, and EMSAcare. Water meters are read monthly, with the most recent read included in your water bill.

Fixed charges include: 

Water and wastewater base charges - based upon meter size. These recover basic administrative and utility operational costs such as for billing, collection, meter reading and maintenance. 

Trash, recycling and bulk waste collection (for eligible residential customers). This is the monthly fee charged for residential customers who are eligible for our curbside trash, recycling and bulky trash collection. 

EPA-mandated drainage fee: This is a fee required by the Environmental Protection Agency that assists with evaluation, treatment and education for the City's storm water (drainage) system.

EMSAcare: Each September, customers can enroll in this opt-in program that covers out-of-pocket expenses for emergency ambulance rides anywhere in the EMSA service area for all permanent members of your household. The monthly fee is added to your water bill. Click here for more details.

Volume  Charges:

Volume charges include charges for each household's monthly consumption of water and wastewater (sewer). Water meters are read monthly. Residents are charged for each 1,000 gallons used. 


The City's residential water rates are structured on a four-tier inclining block rate. Every customer pays the base rate (see above), which is a static monthly rate based upon a resident's individual meter size. After that, customers pay based upon their individual monthly water consumption, charged in units of 1,000 gallons.

The per-1,000 gallon cost of water increases as a customer uses enough water to reach the next-highest rate class. 

See our rates and fees page for more information.

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Waste Water Charges (based on Average Winter Consumption)

For residential, domestic-use customers, the flat monthly sewer charge is based on the average amount of water billed during December, January and February (some November water use may be included in the December bill). This average then becomes the rate at which the monthly sewer charge is capped for the remainder of the billing year, beginning in April. Customers who consume higher-than-average water during the winter months (i.e. irrigation or other activities) may see their sewer rates go up for the remainder of the year. The AWC is re-calculated each year, which can give customers an opportunity to lower their AWC by using less water in the winter.   

Winter Period Average for New Customers

New customers are assigned a default value user charge that is equal to the average winter water use for all residential customers. The current Winter Period Average used for new residential customers is 7,000 gallons.

how to read your water bill 


Your billing cycle is determined by your address and is based upon when crews read your water meter. Meters are read monthly, with the latest water consumption (per 1,000 gal) included on your water bill. 

Payment is due 15 days after the billing date. Please make sure meters are accessible to the meter reader. If the meter can't be read, we may estimate your monthly usage.

Swimming Pools

When filling or adding tap water to a swimming pool, you'll be charged for each thousand gallons used. However, filling your pool in the warmer months will not affect the Winter Period Average.

Deposit Refund

Your deposit will be refunded after 12 months of good credit with the city. The refund will be credited to the utility account as a payment. If you close an account, the deposit will be applied to your final bill. Any credit balance will be mailed. 

Cut-off Notices

Payment is due 15 days after the bill is mailed. Accounts are subject to water disconnect seven days after the due date. Disconnection notices are mailed. Should water be cut off for non-payment, service will be restored the next business day following receipt of the payment.

Housekeeping Units

When multi-unit properties have one meter to service 3 or more units, the City uses a housekeeping charge to cover expenses associated with maintaining quality service.  Trash and EMSA charges are directly related to the housekeeping units.