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MRF_July2018 (30)webOur new curbside recycling program offers expanded recycling opportunities for eligible households. For rural customers, we offer two convenient drop-off centers to take recyclable items.

Why recycle?

As the City's population grows, it's important we don't outpace the growth of our landfills. Recycling helps divert recyclable trash away from landfills, which reduces the need for new landfills to be built, keeping our customer costs low. Helping our natural environment is a plus, as well! 

The best part? There's no additional cost to you since all of our solid waste costs are bundled in a single, flat monthly fee.

About your new cart

  • The new carts are just like Big Blue with wheels and a lid, except they are green.
  • The new carts hold up to 5x the amount of materials as Little Blue did.
  • Cart lids have a sticker that shows you what you can recycle.
  • Use your green cart for recyclable goods only. No household trash, hazardous waste or yard waste.

Recycling Drop-Off

Customers who do not qualify for our curbside recycling program may take advantage of three 24/7 drop off centers. Remember to follow the Recycle Right guidelines for all recycling, and don't use plastic bags. 

  • 9124 SE 74th 
  • 11028 NE 63rd
  • 5519 NW 4th* (does not accept glass)

Opt Out

While we'd like to encourage everyone to give recycling a try, we also recognize it's not for everyone. If you wish to opt out of our recycling program and have your cart picked up, please call our Customer Services Center at (405) 297-2833.