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Sewer Backups

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Sewer backups are usually unexpected and always create a mess.

At best the backup requires unpleasant cleanup and sometimes expensive damage. If this happens to your property, you’ll likely have questions.

Who fixes the problem?

Back flow preventer diagram

That depends on whether the stoppage is in your private line or the city main. If it is in the city main, Line Maintenance crews will fix it as quickly as possible and keep you informed about what’s being done.

If the problem is with the private line connecting your house to the city main, crews will let you know so you can call a plumber. It’s the property owner’s responsibility to pay for the damages. It is against the law for the city crews to work on private property.

Can the City do anything to help?

City crews can help with the immediate cleanup to address public health issues.

Will the City reimburse me for the damage if the backup is in the city main?

Only if the city had advance knowledge that the city system was at fault and didn’t fix the problem.

Is this City policy or law?

This is law. Public funds cannot be spent for private purposes.