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Other Pipe Cloggers

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Wipes clog pipes

Disposable doesn’t mean flushable. Cleaning wipes and baby wipes do not dissolve. But they do get stuck in the sewer pipes and sewer pumping system. 

Be kind to your plumbing. Throw used wipes and other paper products – other than toilet paper – in the trash.  Even if the label reads “flushable,” it’s safer and more environmentally correct to keep them out of the wastewater system. Plus hiring a plumber to unclog your paper-stuffed pipes can be costly. This cost doesn’t cover cleaning up the sewage that may have backed up into the house.

The toilet is not a trashcan

Some things don’t belong in the toilet, like rags, paper towels, cotton swabs, food wrappers, clothing labels, disposable toilet brushes, plastic, latex and personal hygiene items, kitty litter, cigarette butts, hair and underwear. Paper and trash is the No. 2 cause of sewer backups. Remember: You plug it. You pay for it. 

The root of the problem

The No. 3 cause of sewer backups is roots. Tree roots are a common cause of broken pipes and sewer backups. Roots seek water, find it in your pipelines and continue to grow, causing blockages. When planting trees and shrubs, consider doing so away from your property’s lateral plumbing lines. Also, avoid planting on easements.