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About Your Water Meter

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 Water meters measure how much water enters your home from the City's water distribution system. Meters play an essential role in regulating the flow and recording water use. In Oklahoma City, water meters are typically located near the street and connect the residential private service lines with the City's water distribution mains located in the public easement.

The City of Oklahoma City uses nutating disc meters to measure customers' individual water use. These meters measure the amount of flow that is pulled into a customer's household service line when they turn on the tap. The discs turn, pushing water around a chamber at a specific flow rate. This helps to measure the amount of water that is used. 

The City reads the meters once per month, and charges customers for their water based on each 1,000 gallons used. 

What does my water meter look like?        

A water meter looks similar to the one shown here.  The gauge, where the regulator face can be seen, is under the brass lid on the top of the meter. meter_lorez

What do the dials mean? 

The long hand measures water consumption and shows larger water flows.

The "flower"-shaped hand shows smaller water flows. If the long hand is moving at all (and you have made sure no water is being used in or out of the house for things like toilets, ice makers, dishwashers, washing machines and sprinklers), you probably have a large leak. If the triangular hand is moving at all, there may be a small flow water leak.

See the graphic below that shows the different parts of your meter.meterreading

What am I billed for?

Find the 7 digits on the meter, which together look like a car odometer (see above). The first digits on the white background measure water consumption by 1,000 gallons. This is what is read each month for billing.

The meter reading is rounded down to the closest 1,000 gallons each month. The black background digits on the right side show the 1-gallon, 10-gallon and 100-gallon amounts and carry over to the following month's reading for billing. These turn over when they reach the 999 mark, just like a car.