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Police Support Units

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  • The Traffic Investigations Unit has undergone many changes throughout the history of the Oklahoma City Police Department. In the early days of the unit, officers directed traffic at assigned intersections. Later the unit was expanded, and was responsible for traffic enforcement and accident investigation throughout the city. Perhaps the most significant change in enforcement strategies came about in September of 1988, when traffic division personnel were reassigned to patrol divisions. The responsibility for traffic enforcement was added to the individual patrol officers. As a result of this restructuring, the traffic unit has evolved into a unit that focuses primarily on three areas of traffic investigation. These are fatality and serious injury collisions, hit and run collisions, and driving under the influence investigations. The unit completes follow-up investigations related to these incidents, presents charges to the District Attorney’s Office when applicable, participates in traffic enforcement, and conducts training related to traffic investigations.

    The Signal 30 squad is utilized in the investigation of collisions involving a fatality or critical injury, when death appears imminent; and when available, personnel will respond to collisions involving police department equipment, and city vehicles/equipment when there is significant damage or serious injury involved. The Signal 30 unit may investigate other collisions as directed by their command.