The Oklahoma City Planning Department is managing a multi-phase project to update the City’s development-related codes, including the Zoning and Planning Code, Sign Code, and Subdivision Regulations. Changes are intended to implement the City’s comprehensive plan, planokc, address challenges with existing regulations, and respond to feedback received from users of the existing codes.


Phase 1 (complete)

Consultant Team: Opticos Design, Inc.; Lisa Wise Consulting; Peter J. Park, LLC

During Phase 1, the consultant team held stakeholder interviews with users of Oklahoma City’s existing codes, including engineers, developers, homebuilders, architects, and staff, and completed a diagnosis of Oklahoma City’s development codes to identify issues and concerns. They also examined best practices and recommended a strategy for updating development-related codes to meet the City’s goals. They recommended a hybrid code that consolidates development regulations (including Zoning Code, Sign Code, and Subdivision Regulations) under a Unified Development Code. They also recommended Form-Based Codes for some areas of the city, and updated conventional zoning regulations for others. All changes will occur in Phase 2 of the project.

Phase 2

Consultant Team: TBD

The City issued a Request for Proposals for Phase 2 of the project. The timing, tasks and public involvement for Phase 2 will be determined based on the selected proposal.                                                                                                                                                            

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