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Fireworks Illegal in Oklahoma City 

Buying, selling, or using fireworks in the Oklahoma City limits is illegal. The best way to enjoy fireworks on Independence Day is to attend a public, professional display in which the required permits have been obtained through the Fire Marshal’s office. Sparklers, snakes, bottle rockets, and all other fireworks are included in the ban. This helps protect our city against house fires and wildfires. The ban applies to all private and public property in Oklahoma City including parks, lakes, and areas along the Oklahoma River. On July 4th, 2019, the Oklahoma City Fire Department will be forming a task force with the Oklahoma City Police Department and the Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office to strictly enforce those who are illegally buying, selling, or using fireworks in Oklahoma City. Violators of the City’s fireworks ordinances are subject to fines between $178.00 and $500.00. All fireworks will be seized.