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City of Oklahoma City

photo: Bill Citty, Police Chief

Bill Citty
Chief of Police

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Crime Stoppers
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Public Information

The Oklahoma City Police Department, with a uniformed force of 1029 officers and 237 civilian employees, protects citizens and property from criminal activity, keeps the peace, enforces laws, apprehends criminals and helps prepare cases for prosecution.

The department has a central police station and five substations and covers over 2,500 police reporting districts that average 1/4 square mile in size.

In addition to officers patrolling the city in cars and on foot, the Police Department includes an Investigations Bureau, an Airport Police Unit, a Helicopter Unit, a Motorcycle Unit, a Canine unit, an Equine Unit and a Lake Patrol Section. The department operates the City's Emergency Management and 9-1-1 programs. The department also has a Crime Scene Investigations Unit to collect and protect evidence, with a state-of-the-art Forensic Lab, Drug Lab and DNA lab to process the evidence.


Interacting with OKC Police - what you should know
When encountering an Oklahoma City Police Officer, it’s important to know your rights as well as theirs. Knowing what to expect and how to react is key for your safety and the safety of the officer. Police officers do a difficult and dangerous job. They are trained to approach every situation with caution until they feel it’s safe. Every scenario is different. How police respond and the outcome depends on many factors. Read more

Public Notice Regarding JAG Grant
There will be a public hearing for the review of the joint application and grant award for the 2014 Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant (JAG) of $523,527 to be held Tuesday October 7, 2014 at 8:30 a.m. in The City of Oklahoma City Council Chambers located at 200 N. Walker, 3rd Floor. The Oklahoma City Police Department, the fiscal agent, proposes to utilize 2014 JAG funds and interest earned to purchase three portable evidence drying units, hand held electronic control devices, an evidence storage container, and trauma kits for all sworn personnel.  Oklahoma County, Del City and Midwest City all propose to utilize JAG funds for the purchase of equipment for law enforcement purposes.  To read the JAG grant application and award in its entirety, click here.  Comments regarding the application may be sent to


Civilian Investigations Specialists
The Oklahoma City Police Department recently began utilizing Civilian Investigation Specialists (CIS) to respond to and investigate specific property crimes. The new program provides specially trained civilian crime scene investigators to investigate property crimes in an effort to free up sworn police officers. More

Oklahoma Firearms Laws - 2012 FAQ
This is not legal advice; but rather, general information regarding certain Oklahoma firearm provisions. The City of Oklahoma City, the Police Department and all employees and/or agents thereof do not assume any express or implied liability and/or responsibility for this information. Compliance with all firearm laws is the responsibility of every person, and you should consult with your own legal counsel to ensure compliance. More

Redesigned police cars hit the streets
You’re sure to do a double take when the City’s 78 new police sedans hit the streets with a fresh, updated look. The new vehicles are primarily black with the word “POLICE” in large, white block letters prominently displayed on both sides next to the City seal. They have a low profile LED emergency light bar on the roof, a spotlight on one side and front bumper push bars. Fifty four of the new vehicles have front wheel drive and 24 are all-wheel drive. Additional vehicles will be added as funds become available. More

Collision Avoidance Training for Teenaged Drivers
Motor vehicle collisions are the leading cause of death and injury for teenagers.  The Oklahoma City Police Department is partnering with the National Traffic Safety Academy to provide Collision Avoidance Training (CAT) for teens.  The course is designed for persons 16 to 19 years of age.  Students must possess a valid driver's license and have the use of an insured vehicle.  Students attend classroom training at the police training center on Friday evening from 5:45 p.m. to 10 p.m. and hands-on driving training at the Oklahoma County driving facility at NE 36th and Air Depot on Saturday from 7:45 a.m. to 5 p.m.  The registration fee is $50.  To obtain the registration and waiver forms click here.  The dates for training are March 16-17 and April 6-7.  For scheduling information contact Sgt. Keith Cornman at 405.316.5151.

How Are We Doing?
Getting feedback from the community we serve is very important to the Oklahoma City Police Department. There are several ways you can contact the OKCPD with your feedback. You can also search our Contact Us page to find the OKCPD division you need.

Criminal Tracking and Victim Notification
OK VINE is a service that notifies crime victims if an inmate has been released, transferred, escapes or dies while in custody. It is accessible in English and Spanish. Registration for this service is free, anonymous and confidential. To register, visit or call 1-877-654-8463. OK VINE is a service provided by the Oklahoma Office of the Attorney General. For more information concerning this service, please contact Toni Scheihing at 405.522.2294 or Fara Brown at 405.522.4397.