COVID-19 (new coronavirus): There is a COVID-19 emergency proclamation in Oklahoma City, with requirements for social gatherings and business activities. Visit for updates and details.

Just Mulch It

Need an alternative to bagging your lawn clippings? Try mulching it. This beneficial practice can help provide much-needed nutrients to your lawn without adding thatch. The results are a well-maintained, lush green lawn that saves you time and effort.

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Take a few minutes to check your sprinklers

As the warm weather comes on, so do sprinkler systems. Keep your sprinklers in shape by doing a simple checkup this season. Turn on the system and look for broken heads, misting or sprinklers watering the streets. Make a note and get problems fixed to save water all year long. 
Visit our Water Conservation Video Series for simple solutions to common irrigation problems.

Save even more

Thinking about redesigning your landscape? Add water-wise and Oklahoma native plants instead of
cool-season grasses such as tall fescue. Drought-tolerant plants are attractive and require less water and maintenance. Black-Eyed Susan and Blanket Flower attract butterflies to the garden. Russian Sage and Yucca provide unique texture. Catmint and Rosemary introduce fragrant foliage to the landscape.
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WC-Newly installed landscape application


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Utilities Briefs


Like you, staff with the Oklahoma City Utilities Department are keeping a close eye on the COVID-19 pandemic, and its effects on our community. We are working closely with City and State officials, as well as experts with the City-County Health Department, to ensure a swift response in this ever-changing situation. See our current response to this emergency and how we are changing our operations to continue to serve you. 

Note to Customers: For the duration of the COVID-19 emergency, the Utilities Department will not pick up any bagged trash, including bagged grass and/or landscape clippings, set out alongside trash carts, or on bulky waste days. You may still use your Big Blues for regular weekly trash, and set out furniture, fencing, tree limbs and other items for your bulky pick-up. For more information, see our COVID-19 response page.  

Re-opening protocols: FLUSH IT FIRST

Restaurants, salons and other businesses that are getting ready to re-open are advised to flush all building water lines prior to re-opening. This will ensure that any water that has stagnated or aged during the shut-down is replaced with fresh, clean water from the city's system. Flushing guidelines may vary based upon the type of business (restaurants need to flush all appliances, including dishwashers, ice makers, drink dispensers, handwash sinks, etc.), and the number of taps in the building. If your facility does not have a building manager, contact a professional plumber for specific guidance. You can also visit the Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality website to see specific flushing guidelines

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