Take steps to prevent frozen pipes.

  • Seal cracks. Caulk around door frames and windows and around pipes where they enter the house
  • Wrap pipes in unheated areas, such as crawl space under the house, attic, garage and basements. Or use flexible molded pipe sleeves. Cover valves, pipe fittings etc with insulating tape or fiberglass. Electric tape is not recommended for insulating water lines.
  • On outside faucets, close the valve, remove hoses and drain the faucet. Cover outside faucets or wrap with newspapers, rags or plastic.  
  • Drain in-ground sprinklers according to manufacturer's instructions.
  • Open cupboard doors in kitchens and bathrooms. These rooms are typically on outside walls. Any air in siding or insulation can cause pipes to freeze. Leave doors open when temp is below freezing so pipes to get more heat.
  • Turn off water and drain system is leaving for long time. 

Oklahoma City residents and businesses are pulling together to use water wisely. We're conserving water indoors and outdoors by supporting Oklahoma City's mandatory Progressive Water Conservation Program. The program is helping to change attitudes about how we use our natural resources. Water is a natural resource that should be conserved and used wisely. Visit SqueezeEveryDrop.com for details.

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News & Alerts

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1 am to 6 am Saturday, April 1

Spring Free Landfill Day May 6 

Residential customers can get rid of spring-cleaning waste at no cost and without waiting for Bulk Waste Day 7 a.m. to 3 p.m., Saturday, May 6, 2017 at these landfills:

  • East Oak Landfill -- 3201 Mosley Road
    N.E. 36th, east of Sooner Road, south side of the street

  • Oklahoma City Landfill -- 7001 S. Bryant

  • Oklahoma Landfill -- 7600 S.W. 15th

  • Northeast Landfill -- 2601 N. Midwest Blvd., Spencer, Okla.
    Construction and demolition materials only at the Northeast Landfill

Each residential household may drop off one load using a passenger vehicle or truck up to a 1-ton and one trailer up to 16-fee long.  Please, no commercial waste haulers.

A current original Oklahoma City utility bill (no photocopies accepted) or a printout of an e-bill is required as proof of residency.  Bulk waste rules and regulation apply. 

Simply put, that means no appliances containing Freon or other refrigerants, household hazardous waste, tires, oils, car batteries, propane tanks, pool chemicals or electronic waste. For more information, call Utility Customer Service at 297-2833.

Too much trash? Order extra Big Blue carts for $2.25 per month

Each Oklahoma City trash and recycling service customer gets two 96-gallon Big Blue trash carts included in the $21.14 monthly charge for solid waste collection. But many residents need more space for trash. Adding an additional Big Blue cart for $2.25 per month, or two extra carts for $4.50 per month, gives residents more space for trash each week.

Using extra carts instead of regular trash bags for additional waste has many benefits:

  • it eliminates messes from bags that get torn open;
  • it’s easier to wheel all trash to the curb instead of carrying or dragging heavy bags;
  • it keeps the appearance of your neighborhood neat and clean;
  • and it protects the trash from animals and from blowing out of an over-stuffed Big Blue with an open lid.

 For details or to order an extra Big Blue cart, call Utilities Customer Service at (405) 297-2833.

Keep contact information up to date. 

You can do so online at: https://myutilities.okc.gov/  Log in then click on Update my Info.  Or register if you don’t have an account. The Utilities Department staff will only use your information to contact you by phone, text or email for events, such as:

  • Emergency water main breaks, pipeline repairs or projects under way
  • Major residential street closures due to work in the street
  • Storm debris set out instructions
  • Revisions in solid waste collection services

The 2015 Consumer Confidence Report is available for your review. The report shows how Oklahoma City’s drinking water stacks up against stringent federal and state water standards and provides details about the source and quality of your water.More >