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Mat Hoffman Action Sports Park

Are you ready to shred? The Oklahoma City Parks & Recreation Department offers three skate areas perfect for BMX, boarding and skating fun.

Each offers a different level of difficulty so you can choose the one that suits you best. Two more skate parks will open in 2017.

Mat Hoffman Action Sports Park

Designed for

  • Skateboards (34" maximum length)
  • Inline skating (four wheels maximum per skate)
  • BMX Freestyle bikes


  • Bowl course with 11-foot half pipe, 10-foot oververt pocket, Panda bowl with three shapes, Volcano with sub box on top, Loveseat, Molehill, Waterfalls, BMX Berm, Rollers.
  • Bowls range from 5 to 11 feet in depth.
  • Street course with 8-stair two hubba ledges and a handrail, Bank to flat bar, Bank to picnic table, Block Combos, Double set with a step-up, hubba ledge and handrail, manual pad.

Route 66 Skate Court and South Lakes Skate Court

Geared toward the beginning and intermediate skaters or boarders, the Route 66 and South Lakes Skate Courts feature above-ground ramps, slides and rails, and are adjacent to other park areas with picnic shelters and playgrounds. 

Skate Park Rules

  • Sites are non-supervised and ride/skate-at-your-own risk
  • Participants are required to wear safety gear (helmets, pads, gloves)
  • Spectators should stay well way from skate area. If at Mat Hoffman Action Sports Park, spectators must stay outside of fence.