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Waterfowl Hunting Season


The City of Oklahoma City allows regulated hunting of goose and duck during the Fall Oklahoma Waterfowl Season as set by the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation.

Hunting Regulations

  • Hunting is permissible only through blind sites on designated areas of Lake Stanley Draper and the Stinchcomb Wildlife Refuge (see Duck Blind Drawing Information, below).
  • Bank hunting and hunting from watercraft are prohibited.
  • Any watercraft used to transport hunters to and from blind locations must have a current City boating permit
  • All hunters ages 16 and over must carry a State hunting license and City hunting permit. 
  • City permits are not required for hunters under the age of 16, but those hunters must be accompanied by an adult (age 21 and older) holding a valid State License and City permit.
  • All Federal and State laws regarding the hunting of migratory waterfowl, as well as local City ordinances, will be enforced.
  • Hunting is only permitted by use of shotgun, no larger than 10-gauge, using non-toxic shells not larger in diameter than "BB" size. Bow hunting is not allowed on City property. 
  • Hunters are permitted to build or erect a duck blind at their designated blind sites. If a hunter does not remove the blind site at the end of hunting season, he or she may be banned from future duck blind drawings.

Duck Blind Drawings

An annual drawing for blind sites at Lake Stanley Draper and the Stinchcomb Wildlife Refuge is held each September by the Oklahoma City Police Department. Blind sites may not be obtained in any other way.

  • Hunters must be 18 years old or older to participate in blind site drawing.
  • An annual hunting permit is required to participate in the drawing. Permits can be purchased in advance from authorized vendors or on site at the Lake Draper Marina. See below for permit costs. Permit purchases are final and no refunds can be issued.
  • A copy of the blind site locations and hunting regulations will be posted at the drawing site.
  • Hunters are permitted to build duck blind at their designated blind sites. If a hunter does not remove the blind site at the end of hunting season, he or she may be banned from future duck blind drawings. 
  • Duck blinds are NOT allowed at non-designated sites.

For approved waterfowl season dates, visit the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation

2019 Duck Blind Drawing
Saturday, Sept. 14 - 1:00 p.m. 
Lake Draper Marina, 8301 SE 104th St

For more information, contact:

Lake Overholser Patrol Station, (405) 789-3746
Lake Draper Marina, (405) 799-0870


Hunting permits for seasonal waterfowl hunting at the Stinchcomb Wildlife Refuge and Lake Stanley Draper are required for all hunters ages 18 and older.

Permit Costs
Daily permits are $3.00 and are valid 24 hours from time of purchase. 

Annual permits are $12.50 and are valid one year from date of purchase.