Driver Improvement School

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You could be eligible to take Driver Improvement School to have your ticket dismissed. You may take one driving course every three years with the Oklahoma City Municipal Court to have a ticket dismissed.

The Driver Improvement School is an option to keep your ticket from being reported as a conviction on your driving record. The ticket may be dismissed if all requirements are successfully met. If all requirements are not completed by the due date, a conviction will be entered and the charge will be reported to the Department of Public Safety. Not all violations are approved for driving school.

How Do I Sign Up for Driver Improvement School?

You are required to contact us to sign up for driver improvement school.  You must request driving school before your court date either by phone at (405) 297-3898 or in person at the Customer Service Window.    

What Should I Do After Completing Driver Improvement School?

The driving school will notify us that you completed the driving course. It is your responsibility to call us three days after you complete the driving course to confirm that your case is closed.