The Development Center provides for the effective implementation and maintenance of ordinances and policies related to land use codes and building regulations.

The division is responsible for providing the following services:

  • Review of all building plans for compliance with relevant codes and ordinances.
  • Issuance of permits and collection of fees for all construction related activity.
  • Inspection of all structures for safety and code compliance.
  • Issuance of business licenses and collection of fees.

A message on 'no build zones'.



  • I am getting a new roof do I need a permit?
  • Can I build a shed in my backyard?
  • Can I buy an electrical, plumbing, or heat and air permit?
  • Can I do electrical, plumbing, or heat and air work myself?
  • Can I replace my water heater?
  • How do I search for permits and inspections by address?
  • How do I request an inspection?
  • How do I get a Permit for a storm shelter?
  • Do I need a permit?
  • What are Oklahoma City’s current adopted building codes?
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