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Public Records Fees

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§ 60-2-1. - Copies of existing public records.

Except as otherwise provided in this schedule or by State statute, the fees for copying of existing public records of the City pursuant to a request made pursuant to the Oklahoma Open Records Act shall be as follows:

  • paper photocopy of an existing public record, including a paper copy of an existing electronic public record, per page not exceeding eight and one-half-inch by 14-inch in size .....$0.25
  • copy of an existing oversized public record (with "oversized" meaning existing public records available in the specific sizes indicated below):




 Black and  White

 (i) Mylar sheet (line drawing)  24″ x 36″    $ 3.73
 (ii) Mylar sheet (image/aerial photo)  24″ x 36″    $18.65
 (iii) Image/aerial photo 1  11″ x 17″  $5.41  $2.79
   17″ x 22″  $8.37  $4.31
   24″ x 36″  $11.81  $6.08
   36″ x 42″  $17.72  $9.12
   42″ x 42″ or larger  $20.67  $10.64
 (iv) Line drawing2  11″ x 17″  $1.62  $0.52
   17″ x 22″  $2.51  $0.81
   24″ x 36″  $3.54  $1.22
   36″ x 42″  $5.32  $1.82
  42″ x 42″ or larger  $6.20  $2.13

1 "Image/aerial photo" includes but is not limited to zoning maps, subdivision maps, and aerial photos.
2 "Line drawing" includes but is not limited to engineering plans, atlas sheets, and contour maps.

  • electronic copy of existing computer data or document(s) onto City-issued disc, electronic copy of existing computer-generated report(s) onto City-issued disc, copy of an existing CD onto City-issued CD, and/or copy of an existing DVD onto City-issued DVD, per disc .....$4.00
    plus the following additional charge, as applicable in specific cases: the actual cost of any hardware and software that are not in the possession of the public body, that would not otherwise generally be required or used by the public body, and that are specifically required to fulfill the request and reproduce the record in computer-readable format with deletion of confidential data.
  • expedited copy of existing flood zone and flood map public record for each tract or description of land requested (includes cost of materials and labor directly attributable to making an expedited copy of existing flood zone and flood map information) .....25.00
  • copy of an existing photograph:
  1. one five-inch by seven-inch photograph provided as a picture on photo paper, each .....$3.00
  2. one or more photographs provided as an electronically recorded file on City-issued media (CD, DVD), per disc .....$4.00
  • additional fee to recover the direct cost of total time spent searching and copying existing public record(s), to be charged only when the request:
  1. is solely for commercial purpose(s); or
  2. would clearly cause an excessive disruption of essential City functions, as determined by the City Manager or his designee, calculated for each one minute of time spent to search and copy, $0.30 per minute;
    provided, in no case shall this additional fee be charged when the release of records is in the public interest, such as the release of records to the news media, scholars, authors, or taxpayers seeking to determine whether City officers or employees are honestly, faithfully, and competently performing their duties as public servants.
  • payment in advance of the above fees for copies of existing public records may be required by the department director or his/her designee.

(Ord. No. 23119, § 4, 9-12-06; Ord. No. 23128, § 1, 9-26-06)

§ 60-2-2. - Other fees.

  • notary fee .....$3.00
  • handling charge to prepare documents for mailing or shipping, per request, per quarter hour of labor or any portion thereof, plus postage, if applicable .....$4.00
  • certification, official seal affixed, per page .....$1.00
  • facsimile cost for documents sent by fax, per page faxed .....$0.25
  • Council agenda packet subscription service .....$300.00
  • municipal code book, as per schedule promulgated by the Director of Finance and on file in the Office of the City Clerk.
  • creation of fingerprint record card, each .....$13.00
  • creation of photo I.D. card or replacement, when not included in administrative fee.....$14.00
  • creation of custom photograph on photo paper in addition to all other fees, if available and resources allow, each quarter hour of labor or any portion thereof .....$6.00
  • expungement of records (when authorized by court order) .....$150.00
  • creation fee for other documents when document or data does not exist as a public record in the form requested and must be created, if resources allow, per quarter hour of labor or any portion thereof .....$7.25
  • copy of existing photograph pursuant to court order or subpoena .....$3.00
  • copying service provided to private individuals or firms that request that personal or business documents be copied, price per copy:
  1. b & w copy, any size, per page .....$2.50
  2. color copy, any size, per page .....$3.80
  • payment in advance of fees listed under this section may be required by the department director or his/her designee.

(Ord. No. 23119, § 5, 9-12-06; Ord. No. 23128, § 2, 9-26-06; Ord. No. 23363, § 1, 5-8-07)