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OKC Trails
City of Oklahoma City

The Oklahoma City Trails are a network of paved walking, running, bicycling and skating paths that will eventually stretch all across Oklahoma City and many of its suburbs.

Major completed trails include:

The Earlywine Trail runs along portions of SW 104th street and SW 119th in southwest Oklahoma City. The trail is 4.7 miles long and consists largely of on-street bike routes. Parking is

The Hefner-Overholser Trail was completed in 2008 linking the Overholser Trail with the Lake Hefner Trail.  This multi-use trail is 7.8 miles long and roughly follows the water diversion canal between the two lakes.  Much of the trail consists of on-street bike routes.

The Katy Trail originates at Washington Park (400 N High Avenue) and meanders 7.3 miles east then north to the city's "Adventure District." The north trailhead is located at Deep Fork Creek, near I-44 and Grand Blvd.  The trail runs along portions of the old Katy railroad line and transects the Lincoln Park Golf Course at points.

The Bert Cooper Trails (formerly Lake Hefner Trails) were the first to be completed. The main 9.8 mile trail circles scenic Lake Hefner, and is a popular exercise spot for walkers, runners, bikers and rollerbladers. It passes by Stars & Stripes Park and the Lake Hefner Golf Course.

The Lightning Creek Trail runs north-south between the Oklahoma River and I-240.  It is 5.7 miles long and consists mostly of an on-street bike route.

The Oklahoma River Trails (formerly the N Canadian Central Greenway Trail) are 13 miles of unimpeded trails along the Oklahoma River. 

All Oklahoma River Trails are open with the exception of the following:

The Overholser Trail is a 3.2 mile stretch of multi-purpose trail that spans the east side of Lake Overholser.  It ties into the existing lake road that loops around Lake Overholser, and at its north point, connects to the Hefner-Overholser Trail.

The South Grand Trail is an 11.1 mile trail that passes through parks, neighborhoods and residential areas in South Oklahoma City.

The Tinker-Draper Trail is 8.5 miles in length and traverses the area between the Oklahoma River (at I-40 / I-35 junction) to the North Side of Lake Stanley Draper.

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We hope to build more than 200 miles of trails through the community as funding becomes available. Some of the trails have already been funded through the 2000 and 2007 Bond Issues, the MAPS and MAPS 3 initiatives, plus private partnerships.

The plan identifies 28 trails throughout the city that should be developed in the next 25 years. It was developed by a Mayor’s appointed citizen advisory committee, in conjunction with a consultant and with residents. Specific needs were defined by residents through a series of public workshops.

Bicyclists on the new Grand Blvd. Trail

The Trails Master Plan was approved by City Council on May 6, 1997. Its work completed, the Trails Steering Committee dissolved and the 167-page plan became the guidebook by which the City would begin development of the trails.

In 2002, Mayor Kirk Humphreys established the Oklahoma City Trails Advisory Committee to help implement the Trails Master Plan.