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OKC Trails
City of Oklahoma City

West River TrailThe Oklahoma City Trails are a network of paved walking, running, bicycling and skating paths that will eventually stretch all across Oklahoma City and many of its suburbs.



Major completed trails include:

Bert Cooper Trails (formerly Lake Hefner Trails):
     Trail length: 9.8 miles - circles Lake Hefner in the City's northwest side
     Asphalt and concrete trails available for bikers, runners and walkers. A portion of the
     trails circles the Lake Hefner dam road, which is shared by vehicles. All trail users are
     asked to abide by Trail Etiquette and look out for others.

      Amenities: Nearby amenities include the Lake Hefner Golf Course, Stars & Stripes
     Park, Lions' Childrens Park, the Oklahoma City Yacht Club and East Wharf restaurants.
     Several fishing docks, a remote control aircraft field, boat ramps and picnic areas are
     also nearby.

     Connects to: Hefner-Overholser Trail

Earlywine Trail:
      Trail length: 4.7 miles
      Runs: SW 104th Street and SW 119th Street
      This trail largely consists of on-street bike routes and sharrows.  

Hefner-Overholser Trail
     Trail length: 7.8 miles.
     Runs: West side of Lake Henfer (from Britton) to NW 39th at Overholser Drive.
     This trail starts on Britton Road* at MacArthur Avenue, just west of Lake Hefner. It
     parallels MacArthur Avenue, moving southward until it turns right and stops at N.
     Brookside Drive. Riders there need to cross Northwest Expressway at Brookside Drive
     and turn right onto N Wilshire Avenue. The trail picks up as a bike lane on Wilshire
     Avenue and continues west for approximately one mile to Council Road. It then reverts
     back to a dedicated trail on the southwest corner of Wilshire at Council Road, in the
     Wiley Post Airport, and parallels Council Road until NW 50th. Riders will then need to
     travel west on NW 50th Street for approximately 3 blocks and pick the trail up again
     as it follows the Hefner Canal to NW 39th, where it converts into the Overholser Trail.

     Goes Through: Wiley Post Airport

     Parking is available around the Lake Hefner area, and in Overholser Park.

     Connects to: Bert Cooper Trails, Overholser Trail, West River Trail

I-44 Trail: In concept. To be built in 2016. Connects Bert Cooper Trails at Lake Hefner to Oklahoma River Trails. 

Katy Trail
     Trail length: 7.3 miles
     Runs:  From Washington Park (400 N. High Ave) eastward along NE 4th Street to
     Douglass Park, where it turns north through the James E. Stewart Golf Course and
     parallels NE Grand Boulevard until NE 36th Street, where the trail converts to on-road
     biking. From NE 36th, the trail runs along NE Grand Boulevard  until it terminates at NE
     50th Street.

     Nearby/Goes Through: OU Health Sciences Center, Washington Park, Douglass Park,
     Douglass Recreation Center, James E Stewart Golf Course and club house, Oklahoma
     State Firefighters Museum, Amateur Softball Association and Hall of Fame Stadium,
     Oklahoma City Zoo, Science Museum Oklahoma, Lincoln Park, Remington Park.

     Parking is available at each of the above-named areas. Nearby restaurants are available
     at the OU Health Sciences Center, James E Stewart Golf Course, Lincoln Golf Course. 




Lightning Creek Trail
     Trail length: 6.6 miles
    Runs from: Oklahoma River to I-240
    Consists largely of on-street bicycle lanes. Dedicated trails are available in Draper and
    Oliver Parks.

Oklahoma River Trails
     Trail length: 13 miles (total) - approx 6.5 of dedicated trails on north and south banks
    Runs: The Oklahoma River Trails run east to west between I-35 and Meridian Avenue.
    Trail entries differ on each side of the river.

    Nearby/Goes Through:
        North:  Bricktown, Centennial Land Run Monument, Bass Pro Shop, Regatta Park,
        Boathouse District, Wheeler Park. Terminates at
        Portland Ave. at SW 15th.
        South: Wiley Post Park, Mat Hoffman Action Sports Park, Downtown Airpark,
        Oklahoma City Stockyards. Terminates at S. Meridian Ave at SW 15th Street.

    Connects to: Bricktown Trail (with on street connection to Katy Trail via Lincoln Blvd),
    West River Trail

    Parking: Oklahoma Boathouse District, Wiley Post Park, Wheeler Park, S. Durland Avenue
    Parking Lot, SW 15th & Portland Parking Lot


Overholser Trail
       Trail length:  3.2 miles
       Runs: North-south stretch of multi-purpose trail that parallels the east side of Lake
       Overholser. It begins at approximately NW 39th and Overholser Drive and terminates at
       NW 10th Street, just south of Overholser Park.

       Nearby/Goes Through: Overholser Park, Stinchcomb Wildlife Area. Boat and
       kayak rentals, fishing docks, playground and park pavilion are in the area.

       Connects to: Hefner-Overholser Trail, West River Trail

South Grand Trail
        Trail length: 11.1 miles
        Runs: From south Oklahoma River Trail at I-44 (just east of Dell parking lot) and
        follows Grand Boulevard south - with some on-street and some dedicated trail space -
        to SW 29th Street, where it crosses I-44 at the pedestrian bridge. The trail picks
        back up inside Woodson Park (East) at May Avenue and heads east through the park
        where it continues inside the median of SW Grand Boulevard until S. Santa Fe. It
        turns into an on-street lane from Santa Fe to S. Byers Avenue, where it reverts back
        to dedicated trail space. It continues eastward, crossing I-35, where it parallels the
        north side of SE Grand Boulevard until it turns north in Trosper Park. It then heads
        north along E Grand Boulevard, where it terminates near E Reno Avenue.
        Connects to: Oklahoma River Trail (south)  

Tinker-Draper Trail is 8.5 miles in length and traverses the area between the Oklahoma River (at I-40 / I-35 junction) to the North Side of Lake Stanley Draper.

West River Trail
           Trail length:
7.5 miles
         Runs: NW to SE. Connects the Overholser Trail to the north and the Oklahoma River
         Trail to the south, along dedicated trail space. A street crossing at NW 10th is
         required to connect to the Overholser Trail. The northwest trailhead is at NW 10th
         and Eagle Lane. The trail follows the North Canadian River south under I-40. It wraps
         around the north side of Crystal Lake and ends on the south side of the Oklahoma
         River at Meridian Avenue and SW 15. Lighted parking lots are at both trailheads.

         Connects to: Oklahoma River Trail (south side at Meridian); Overholser Trail

          West River Trail MAP


The Trails Master Plan was approved by City Council on May 6, 1997. Its work completed, the Trails Steering Committee dissolved and the 167-page plan became the guidebook by which the City would begin development of the trails.

In 2002, Mayor Kirk Humphreys established the Oklahoma City Trails Advisory Committee to help implement the Trails Master Plan.