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Oklahoma City launches mobile app

Oklahoma City officials launched a new mobile app that makes it easier for residents to report code violations.

The app, OKC GOV, is available to download free on Android and Apple devices from the Android or Apple app stores.

Residents can also view and track existing requests submitted through the app from their desktop or on the City's Facebook page.

The app uses global positioning to determine your location and allows you to take a photo of the problem to submit with the report. The report will be sent to the appropriate City department. You can also enter an address or intersection to better help inspectors locate the violation.

“This app is a great example of how a responsive city can utilize technology to simplify processes and empower its residents. With a few clicks on your smart phone, anyone can now photograph, map and report the types of code violations that degrade our neighborhoods,” said Mayor Mick Cornett. “By making the process accessible and easy, we can work together to enhance our neighborhoods, raise our community standards and improve the overall quality of life for our residents.”

OKC GOV also connects residents to information about City services. Residents can read news releases, report missed trash, find a job, adopt a pet, see the bus schedule, view the ward map, watch Channel 20 and get disaster preparedness information.

Other ways to report issues to the Action Center


Action Center

The City wants to help you make your neighborhood a good place to live. One way we serve neighborhoods is through the Action Center - a one-stop citizen assistance office.

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Common Code Violations

Infracciones Al Código Común

Guide to City Government

The Action Center routes complaints and questions to other City departments and divisions, including Police, Code Enforcement and Zoning Enforcement.

Among the code violations which can be reported to the Action Center are illegally parked cars, abandoned and inoperable cars, dead trees and tall weeds.

When staff is unavailable to answer your call after hours or on weekends, you can complete an online service request, email us at, use the OKC GOV mobile smartphone app or fax us fax us at 297-2579. We will handle your request the next working day.

For emergencies call 911.

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What happens when I report as issue to the Action Center?

When you report a problem, we notify the appropriate department and, if requested, will send you a letter to let you know the City is working on a solution. We track your request to make sure you get the help you need, and explain the action taken. All problems reported to the Action Center are confidential. The City is the complaining party, not you or your neighborhood.



Make a difference in your neighborhood and your City

The Action Center and Code Enforcement offer a variety of way for citizens to engage with the city to improve their neighborhood. Here are a few:




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