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Young players tee off at the Will Rogers Disc Golf CourseThe Parks & Recreation Department offers three disc golf courses that challenge players both physically and mentally.


Dolese Youth Park

  • The Dolese Disc Golf Course winds its way through wooded areas and near the Dolese Youth Park Pond. 
  • Course length: 4,878 feet
  • 18 holes
  • Mach 3 course

Will Rogers Park

  • Hazards on the Will Rogers Park Disc Golf Course include steep sloped terrain and naturally-occurring streams and waterways.
  • Course length: 4,410 feet
  • 18 holes
  • Mach 2 course

Woodson Park

  • The City's longest course, Woodson provides plenty of challenge with long holes in open spaces. 
  • Course length: 6,070 feet
  • 18 holes
  • Mach 3 course

Park Rules

All players must abide by the following park rules and ordinances:

  • Park Hours: Dawn to 11 p.m. 
  • No smoking or lighted tobacco.
  • All dogs must be on a leash.
  • Dog owners must pick up after their dogs and remove pet waste from the park.
  • No alcoholic beverages. Beer with an alcohol percentage of 3.2% is allowed.
  • No glass containers.
  • No littering.

Disc Golf Etiquette

  • Limit group size to five players or fewer. If you play in a larger group, allow smaller groups to play through if they wish to get ahead. 
  • Try to keep out of the sight line of other players if possible, or slow down or stop moving and talking until they make their shot.
  • You don’t have to start on “Hole #1” to begin your game, but if you do start somewhere in the middle, be aware of the other groups on either side of you. Do what you can to not interrupt another group’s game already in progress.
  • If an errant disc from another player disappears in to the rough where you are, help that player out by directing them to where you saw the disc land.
  • If you find an abandoned disc, try to find its owner. Ask others if they are missing a disc or see if there is a phone number on the bottom.
  • Remember that disc golf is for everyone. Be patient if other players in front of you are slower or are just learning the game. You were a beginner once, too.