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Fines and Fees

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Fines & Costs

The following fines and costs apply if you pay your ticket on or before your court date.  For violations that are not listed, call us at (405) 297-3898.  


$172 Speeding up to 10 mph over speed limit

$203 Speeding 11-19 mph over speed limit

$213 Speeding 20 mph over speed limit

$213 Speeding in a residential area

$193 Failure to yield right of way

$213 Failure to yield right of way to emergency vehicle

$213 Speeding in a school zone

$168 Transporting open container of beer or alcohol

$173 Vehicle equipment violation

          $143 If corrected and proof shown

$193 State driver's license violation

Dismissed with proof of valid license at time of citation

$173 Improper vehicle tag display

$143 With proof of proper display

$20 Seat belt violation

$183 Changing lanes improperly

$183 Disregarding a signal light

$183 Failure to stop for stop sign

$183 Improper left, right or U-turn

$318 Driving under suspension

$213 Failure to show state insurance

$163 If the case is not in warrant status and you did not have valid insurance at the time the citation was issued but has obtained insurance, shows proof and chooses to enter a plea of guilty or no contest without an appearance in Court.

Dismissed Without Court Costs  If you appear no later than the business day before the first scheduled arraignment date and show proof that you had valid insurance at the time the citation was issued.

In all other circumstances, you shall be checked in for the next available arraignment docket or may be granted a 30 day continuance with no additional fees assessed.

$193 Failure to appear


$178 Criminal court violations (public drunk, trespassing, etc. )

$188 Animal control violations

$168 Failure to vaccinate animal

$188 Failure to appear