Fines and Fees


Fines & Costs

The following fines and costs apply if you pay your ticket on or before your court date.  For violations that are not listed, call us at (405) 297-2361.  


$161 Speeding up to 10 mph over speed limit

$192 Speeding 11-19 mph over speed limit

$202 Speeding 20 mph over speed limit

$202 Speeding in a residential area

$182 Failure to yield right of way

$202 Failure to yield right of way to emergency vehicle

$202 Speeding in a school zone

$157 Transporting open container of beer or alcohol

$162 Vehicle equipment violation

 $132 If corrected and proof shown

$182 State driver's license violation

Dismissed with proof of valid license at time of citation

$162 Improper vehicle tag display

$132 With proof of proper display

$20 Seat belt violation

$172 Changing lanes improperly

$172 Disregarding a signal light

$172 Failure to stop for stop sign

$172 Improper left, right or U-turn

$307 Driving under suspension

$202 Failure to show state insurance

$152 If proof of insurance valid after date of citation issued

Dismissed if proof of insurance valid on date citation is shown within 48 hours

Dismissed with $88 court costs if proof of insurance is valid on date of citation is shown after 48 hours

$182 Failure to appear


$167 Criminal court violations (public drunk, trespassing, etc. )

$177 Animal control violations

$157 Failure to vaccinate animal

$177 Failure to appear