FY 2019 Budget

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The Oklahoma City Council adopted the budget for fiscal year 2019 on June 5, 2018. Fiscal year 2019 is July 1, 2018, to June 30, 2019.

The total FY 2019 budget is about $1.56 billion. This includes $701 million in operating funds and provides funding for 4,804 positions throughout the City.

The links below navigate to the major sections of the budget book, while the table provides a link to each Department’s budget and performance data. 

A complete Budget Book may be downloaded by clicking here

Intro | Financial Summaries | Funds | Capital Appendix

 Airports   Budget   Performance 
 City Auditor's Office  Budget   Performance 
 City Clerk's Office  Budget   Performance 
 City Manager's Office  Budget   Performance 
 Development Services  Budget   Performance 
 Finance  Budget   Performance 
 Fire  Budget   Performance 
 General Services  Budget   Performance 
 Information Technology  Budget   Performance 
 Mayor and City Council  Budget   
 Municipal Counselor's Office  Budget   Performance 
 Municipal Court  Budget   Performance 
 Non-Departmental  Budget   
 Parks and Recreation  Budget   Performance 
 Personnel  Budget   Performance 
 Planning  Budget   Performance 
 Police  Budget   Performance 
 Public Transportation and Parking   Budget   Performance 
 Public Works  Budget   Performance 
 Utilities  Budget   Performance 
 Zoo  Budget