Temporary Certificate of Occupancy

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Temporary Certificate of Occupancy (TCO) 

The following steps are necessary to obtain a temporary certificate of occupancy. TCOs are not issued for residential property.

Step 1

A written request must be submitted to the Permit Section for review.  The application must state a reason for the request (e.g., operate the business, workers setting up displays, kitchen testing, etc.) and a definite date for completion of the project. Download the application

Step 2

All related permits for the project must be issued.  (e.g., sign permits, electrical sign permits, driveway permits, plumbing, etc.).

Step 3

You must have final or temporary final inspections for all permits related to the project. Also, all permits at the address but not attached to the building permit must have finals or temporary final inspections.

Step 4

If the project will require multiple TCOs a phasing plan will be required.  A site plan and/or floor plan is required showing the different portions of the building phased for TCOs. 

Step 5

The applicant is responsible for requesting all inspections, paying required fees, and addressing holds on the permit.

Step 6

All related holds on the building permit must be released. 

Step 7

A TCO review requires 3 to 4 business days provided all inspections are passed and all fees paid. Each request to extend a TCO will requires a new application and fees.