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Open Records Act

Title 51 O.S. Sections 24A.1 - 24A.30

§ 24A.1. Short Title
§ 24A.2. Political Power - Public Policy and Purpose of Act
§ 24A.3. Definitions
§ 24A.4. Duty to Keep and Maintain Complete Records of Receipt and Expenditure of Funds
§ 24A.5. Open and Confidential Records
§ 24A.6. Written Notice of Business Hours of Public Bodies - Inspection, Copying, or Reproduction of Records of Public Body
§ 24A.7. Confidential Personnel Records of Public Body
§ 24A.8. Law Enforcement Agency Records Available for Public Inspection
§ 24A.9. Confidential Personal Notes and Personally Created Materials of Public Official Making Recommendation
§ 24A.10. Disclosure of Information Voluntarily Supplied
§ 24A.10a. Confidential Market Research and Marketing Plans
§ 24A.11. Confidential Library, Archive, or Museum Materials
§ 24A.12. Confidential Litigation Files and Investigatory Reports
§ 24A.13. Confidential Federal Legislation Records
§ 24A.14. Confidential Personal Communications Exercising Constitutional Rights
§ 24A.15. Confidential Crop and Livestock Reports Provided by Farmers, Ranchers, and Agribusinesses
§ 24A.16. Confidential Records of Public Educational Institutions - Statistical and Directory Information
§ 24A16a. Confidentiality of Information Pertaining to Donors and Prospective Donors
§ 24A.17. Violations of Oklahoma Open Records Act - Civil Liability
§ 24A.18. Additional Recordkeeping Requirements on Public Bodies or Public Officials not Imposed
§ 24A.19. Confidential Nature of Research Information
§ 24A.20. Access to Records in Possession of Public Body or Official for Investigatory Purposes
§ 24A.21. Fees Charged State Agency or Taxing Entity
§ 24A.22. Confidential Nature of Public Utility Records
§ 24A.23. Confidential Nature of Information Provided to Department of Wildlife Conservation for Holding Permit or License to Extent Information Identifies Person
§ 24A.24. Confidential Investigatory Records and Notes of Office of Juvenile System Oversight
§ 24A.25. Removal of Materials from the Public Record
§ 24A.26. Intergovernmental Self-Insurance Pools
§ 24A.27. Confidential Vulnerability Assessments
§ 24A.28. Confidentiality of Information Relating to Terrorism
§ 24A.29. Protected Materials - Protective Orders - Orders Directing Withholding, Removal of Pleadings or Other Material From Public Record
§ 24A.30. Court Records - Authority of the Court to Seal a Record