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Trails Master Plan
City of Oklahoma City

The Trails Master Plan is the guiding document for all work on the OKC Trails project. It was created in 1997 under the guidance of a steering committee formed the previous year.

Its members included some of the current Trails Advisory Committee, as well as Sam Bowman, who is now City Councilman for Ward 2.

Download a copy of the Master Plan (Adobe Acrobat file, 1.5 MB)


Key recommendations from
the Oklahoma City Trails Master Plan

This Plan recommends the implementation of a 208-mile network of off-road multipurpose trails throughout Oklahoma City. The system is extensive and comprehensive, and at the same time provides a realistic program for satisfying the needs of local residents regarding access to outdoor resources and linkage to popular destinations.

"The system is extensive and comprehensive, and at the same time provides a realistic program."

During an early action phase, it is envisioned that local government agencies will work in partnership with neighborhoods and private sector organizations to develop ane stimated 104 miles of off-road trail corridors. Early action projects would begin development in Fiscal Year 1997. The remaining 104 miles would be developed by the year 2020.

The majority of the early action network is designed to form an inner loop of trails through some of the most densely populated areas of the community, linking residents to existing resources that are in close proximity to where they live and work. This will create a critical mass of trail facilities that will offer the city many of the benefits that have been outlined in the plan. Among these benefits are: improve access to outdoor resources for recreation; linking schools to residential neighborhoods providing children with the opportunity to walk or bike to school; and capitalizing on tourism and economic development opportunities.

This Plan also recommends that trail safety and education programs be promoted so that the emerging system will be recognized by local residents and used in the safest possible manner. These education prorgams range from safety classes taught by the Oklahoma City Police Department to trail guides for local lakes and stream corridors.