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Check out the interactive map and table below to see the Fire Department projects included in the bond package. Keep scrolling down for more information.

The bond package includes $45 million for Fire Department projects.

Click here to see the Fire Department project list.


Firefighters don’t have enough space for training. A new Police and Fire Training Center will provide more space for classrooms and exercises, providing better training for the life-saving services our residents need.

New fire stations will to serve areas where the population has grown.

Specialized facilities will protect important public safety equipment. 

Community Benefits

A well-trained, well-equipped Fire and Police department is the backbone of public safety services. Old training facilities are often not suited for training with modern and upgraded equipment. Bond-funded facility upgrades ensure firefighters and police officers get the best training.

Public safety spending is a significant portion of the City budget every year, and investing in the proper facilities for storage and maintenance of vehicles and equipment extends the useful life of taxpayer-funded resources. That saves money, which can be used on other important public safety expenses.

Building new fire stations to serve areas with new population growth helps make sure emergency response times are suitable everywhere. When seconds count, it’s important for every resident to be close enough for firefighters to reach them in an emergency.

Examples from the 2007 Bond Program

Bonds funded five new and renovated fire stations across Oklahoma City. 


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