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Drainage Control

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Check out the interactive map and table below to see the drainage control projects included in the bond package. Keep scrolling down for more information.

The bond package includes $62 million for drainage control projects.

Click here to see the drainage control project list.


There are about 800 miles of storm sewer in Oklahoma City – that’s about the same as the driving distance from OKC to Chicago. Investment in new, repaired and replaced storm sewer projects keeps the system working. 

Detention pond dams, some of which prevent damage in high-hazard areas, need repairs. New and repaired detention ponds and dams are important for controlling sudden runoff.

New equipment and data collection will help maintain and manage the system as efficiently as possible.

Community Benefits

Public investment in flood prevention is a critical part of disaster preparedness in Oklahoma City. From the moment rain hits the ground until it drains safely into a natural waterway, a well-built and properly maintained drainage system is the key. Proper drainage also limits pollution.

Building, repairing and maintaining a quality drainage system also helps Oklahoma City comply with the National Flood Insurance Program, which ensures residents have access to affordable flood insurance from insurance providers.

Examples from the 2007 Bond Program

Investments in new drainage infrastructure and repairs to detention ponds and dams highlighted the 2007 Bond Program’s drainage projects. Water quality improvements helped ensure the environmental impact to natural waterways from runoff is minimized.


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