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Illegally Placed Signs

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Illegally placed signs are an eyesore and traffic hazard. The City receives more than 1,100 complaints about illegally placed signs cluttering roadways every year.

The City's Sign Sweep is an accelerated cleanup program to get illegally placed signs off the City right of way and keep them off.

Find information about sign placement and permits in Chapter 3 of our Municipal Code.

Why does the City pick up signs?

It’s always been against the law to place signs on the City’s right of way, and we’ve been picking up illegally-placed signs for years. We dispose of the illegally-placed signs we find rather than holding them for pickup

When is a sign illegally placed?

When it's in the City’s street right of way. That’s the pavement and medians, of course, but it also includes land on either side of the street. Even if the sign is in front of your own business, it can’t be placed in the right of way. The width of the right of way depends on the width of the street: The wider the street, the wider the right of way on either side. Generally speaking, land between the curb and the sidewalk is in the right of way. On most streets, the right of way is a 12-foot strip on either side of the street.

Other "No Sign Zones" include:

  • Any area between a curb and a sidewalk
  • Any telephone pole, electric pole, lamp post, street sign or parking meter
  • Street medians
  • Drinking fountains
  • Park roads and park property

Is there a fine or penalty for having an illegally-placed sign?

There can be. Zoning inspectors can write citations for repeat offenders.

How can I get a sign permit?

You can’t get a permit to put a sign in the right of way. But if you want a permit for a qualifying sign, call the Development Center at (405) 297-3835.