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Decorative streetlights can add warmth and elegance to your neighborhood. The City can help you get them, but most of the job will be yours.

The City installs practical, efficient streetlights to make your neighborhood safe at the lowest possible cost to you.

But if your neighborhood wants the style and atmosphere of period-style streetlights and is willing to pay for them, additional options are available.

The City will work with your neighborhood to get decorative streetlights installed at intersections and sometimes at other locations as well.

Remember: This is a neighborhood project, not a City project. The initial and ongoing costs will be borne by you and your neighbors.

Getting started

The first thing to do is pick locations. Our Traffic Management Division can help you choose. Streetlights are normally installed at intersections, probably right where your existing light stands. If your block is more than 600 feet long, an extra light may be allowed at mid-block.

What kinds of lights are available?

Most decorative lights are sold by OG&E, the City's commercial electric utility. Traffic Management can provide you with information on the types OG&E currently sells. Decorative lights can also be purchased from other suppliers. The City can't recommend one brand over another.

Some units are bright enough to illuminate yards and homes while others cast a soft light only a few feet. Be sure the lights you choose provide the kind of light you need.

Let us know your neighborhood is interested

Circulate a petition to let us know your neighborhood is interested. Get petition blanks from Traffic Management. The petition must be signed by 51 percent of property owners within 300 feet of each proposed location.

Who pays for them?

Your neighborhood pays for the new lights and their installation. If the new lights use more electricity than the ones you have now, your neighborhood will have to pay the difference in monthly cost.

Will the City install our lights for us?

The City doesn't install decorative lights. We'll coordinate the installation but someone else will do the actual work.

OG&E will install lights it sells. Your neighborhood must hire an approved contractor to install lights purchased from other suppliers.

Are you organized?

A neighborhood association can help you follow through on your decorative streetlight project. If you want to organize a neighborhood association the Neighborhood Alliance of Central Oklahoma can help get you started.