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The City of Oklahoma City

Dowell Center and Oklahoma City Community College approved for Brownfields funding

(July 21, 2010) - City Council approved almost $630,000 in Brownfields funds yesterday for the removal of asbestos from two buildings, the Dowell Center and a building owned by Oklahoma City Community College (OCCC). 

The Dowell Center, located in downtown Oklahoma City, received a $429,440 loan for asbestos removal.  The abatement will take place before the building undergoes renovation.

OCCC received a $200,000 Brownfields grant for the removal of asbestos from their building on SW 25th St. in Capitol Hill.  They plan to offer classes in the building after the renovation.

Both the loan and grant are funded by the City’s Brownfields program through grants from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency under the American Recovery & Reinvestment Act (ARRA). 

The Brownfields program aids in identification and remedy of environmental problems that may exist in buildings and properties to support their recycling and redevelopment.  There is currently funding available to perform assessments and support cleanup of qualified projects.  For more information call Chris Varga at 297-1639.

Contact:  Kristy Yager, 297-2550

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