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Strong Neighborhoods Initiative 

Turning around a declining neighborhood reduces crime and makes our residents feel safer. The Strong Neighborhoods Initiative (SNI) uses public investment from the City to leverage private investment from families, developers and businesses. Capitol Hill, Capitol View, Classen Ten Penn, Classen's North Highland Parked, Culbertson's East Highland and Metro Park are SNI's current and former target areas. Visit for more.

Continuum of Care grants

The City invests more than $3.5 million in grant funds every year with the Continuum of Care program. Local social service groups receive the funding to manage a variety of programs that address homelessness. Helped with the City's funding, the social service groups manage housing programs that integrate health services, job training, assistance for domestic violence victims and more.

Mental health investment

As part of the Continuum of Care grants, the City invests in two organizations that specialize in providing housing for people with mental health issues: Hope Community Services and Red Rock Behavioral Health. Many participants in the City's other permanent housing programs also have mental health concerns, and case managers who specialize in clients with their needs are available to work with them. MAPS 4 also includes significant mental health investments.

Common sense code enforcement

In Oklahoma City, code enforcement employees have discretion to allow residents enough time to correct code violations -- it helps strike the right balance between protecting property values in safe and vibrant neighborhoods without placing unnecessary burdens on well-meaning residents. 

Generally speaking, residents who make good faith efforts get the time they need to get the job done. 

Learn more about code enforcement on the Development Services Department website. You can report code violations to the Action Center

Understanding and ending homelessness

The City collaborates with nonprofits, faith-based organizations and state government agencies to understand and end homelessness in Oklahoma City. Programs focused on identifying our community's homeless, early intervention, permanent supportive housing and more bring groups and resources together to help Oklahoma City's most vulnerable residents. Visit for more.