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The MAPS 3 Implementation Plan sets the overall guidelines for program scope, project schedulingandindividual construction budgets. Site selection and land acquisition will be required prior to the start of design for some projects. 

Certain sites may require demolition, site clearing or other preparatory steps. Environmental testing will also be performed prior to building design, and if necessary, environmental remediation will be ordered. 

The MAPS Office will solicit Requests for Qualifications (RFQ) from consultants, such as architects and engineers. Responses to RFQs will be reviewed using the City’s consultant selection process. This process includes appointing a selection committee which determines the firms to be interviewed for architect and/or engineering services. Following interviews, the selection committee will recommend the top firm to the MAPS 3 Citizens Advisory Board, which will forward its recommendation to City Council for final approval. 

Documents produced by each consultant will undergo peer reviews conducted by the Program Consultant. The purpose of these reviews will be to periodically monitor the consultant’s plans and specifications for conformance with the City’s design intent. At selected phases of the design process, the subcommittees and the MAPS 3 Citizens Advisory Board will receive presentations from consultants in order to review the design status. 

Once final design of a project has been approved, the City will use its standard competitive bidding process to solicit and award construction contracts. Under the oversight of the MAPS Office, the architects and/or engineers will review construction progress, and the Program

Consultant will provide additional field observation for quality assurance. Throughout the entire process, the Program Consultant and MAPS Office will provide community outreach to citizens through communication on the status of each project.

The information in the MAPS 3 Implementation Plan and Project Timeline is based on currently available information as well as certain assumptions. The Project Timeline, scope of work and budgets are subject to change as the planning process progresses and more information becomes available.