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Pete White Health & Wellness Center

The MAPS 3 Senior Health and Wellness Centers will connect Oklahoma City's seniors with important services, and also with each other. The centers, which will be located in different parts of the City, will have operating partners experienced in providing services seniors need and will provide social and recreational settings for a wide range of uses. Access to exercise equipment and programs is also an important part of the MAPS 3 senior centers.

The first center, 11501 N Rockwell Ave., is open to members and is operated by Healthy Living and Fitness. Visit or call (405) 773-6910 for more information.

The second center, 4021 S Walker Ave., is open to members and is operated by NorthCare. Visit or call (405) 246-3950 for more information.

The third center will be at NE 36th Street and Lincoln Boulevard, operated by Langston University, and is scheduled for completion in 2021. The fourth will be on Western Avenue south of SW 134th Street, operated by the YMCA of Greater Oklahoma City, and is scheduled for completion in 2022.

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The Senior Health and Wellness Centers subcommittee meets monthly at 420 W Main St. in the 4th floor utilities training room. Click here for a list of current and recent City meetings and agendas. Meetings are subject to time changes and cancellations.


Michael Dover, Chairman
Cecilia Robinson-Woods
Blair Schoeb
Mike Grady
Valerie Thompson
Brent Gaddis
Sam Bowman
Kenyon Morgan
Terri Watkins
Larry Weatherford