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conventionOklahoma City Convention Center

The Oklahoma City Convention Center will replace the aging convention center facility — a necessary component to attracting larger conventions and bringing additional revenue into the local economy. Read more.

parkScissortail Park

Scissortail Park will be a place where the community can play, picnic, enjoy concerts, exercise and attend festivals. The park will entice the community to spend time outdoors, encourage healthier lifestyles and improve quality of life. Read more.

streetcarOklahoma City Streetcar

According to Oklahoma City’s Fixed Guideway Study, the blueprint for the future of public transit in the city, streetcars provide flexibility and relative low cost compared to other rail alternatives, making it a viable choice for any high capacity transit corridor. Read more.

riverRIVERSPORT Rapids

The river improvements enhanced the quality of the rowing and paddling venue, making OKC a premier urban destination for riversport training and competitive events. OKC RIVERSPORT Rapids offers rafting, kayaking and canoeing for everyone. Read more.

fairgroundsBennett Event Center

The Bennett Event Center replaced an aging public event building at the Oklahoma State Fairgrounds, particularly those used year-round for antique shows, equipment shows, craft fairs, trade shows and the annual Oklahoma State Fair. Read more.

seniorSenior Health and Wellness Centers

State-of-the-art senior health and wellness centers will encourage healthy lifestyles and serve as a gathering place for active seniors. The centers will be placed in different areas of the city to serve as many residents as possible. Read more.

mapsart 2Trails

This project will provide additional trails to the citywide system for walking, bicycling and running. It is part of the City's Trails Master Plan. Read more.

mapsart 2Sidewalks

This project continues the City’s efforts to create a more walkable community. Expanding and improving sidewalks throughout the city will improve accessibility, safety and quality of life. Read more.


The Infrastructure/Contingency component of the Implementation Plan helps the City ensure the success of the overall program. These funds may be used in the event of additional program needs, unforeseen circumstances or changing economic factors. Infrastructure/Contingency expenditures will be approved by City Council as needed. Read more.