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Original MAPS

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maps_logoMAPS (Metropolitan Area Projects) is Oklahoma City's visionary capital improvement program for new and upgraded sports, recreation, entertainment, cultural and convention facilities.

The projects began on December 14, 1993, when voters approved the MAPS sales tax, and were completed on August 17, 2004 with the dedication of the Ronald J. Norick Downtown Library.

It is thought Oklahoma City is the first city in the country to undertake a public facility enhancement project of this size.

How We Paid For It

MAPS was funded by a temporary one-cent sales tax approved by city voters in December 1993, and later extended an additional six months. The tax expired on July 1, 1999. During the 66 months it was in effect, over $309 million was collected. In addition, the deposited tax revenue earned about $54 million in interest. That was used for MAPS construction, too.

The Mayor appointed a mandated 21-member oversight board shortly after voters approved the projects. The board reviewed project components including financing and site location and then made recommendations to the City Council. The MAPS board led the public review process for the MAPS Master Plan, which the Council approved on February 14, 1995. The board was dissolved on June 22, 2004.

Day to day operations were handled by the MAPS office, whose staff members are all City employees.

The Projects