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Transportation Plan

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The $9 million MAPS for Kids Transportation Plan put 160 new buses in service. These buses replaced the aging fleet used by the Oklahoma City Public Schools, some of which were 20 years old.

The 111 conventional buses carry 56/66 passengers and are diesel powered. Thirteen smaller diesel powered buses carry 47/48 passengers. Ten of these buses are configured with wheelchair lifts. Thirty-six mini-buses designed to carry 19-21 passengers were also added to the fleet. Eighteen of these are buses were fitted to run on gasoline or CNG fuel.

Other new bus features include:

  • LED-illuminated stop arm – in addition to reflective materials on the swing-out stop sign arm the arm is actually illuminated by a light- emitting diode

  • Reflective bumper striping for added safety (this striping is an addition to required safety striping)

  • Electric doors – no longer crank operated

  • Air suspension – allows for a smoother, more comfortable ride for students

  • White roofs - cooler in hot weather

  • Left-hand, turned down exhaust – exhaust pipes on existing buses are located on the right-hand side of the buses, the same side students exit the vehicle

  • Heated and remote mirrors - heating reduces fogging and improves visibility

  • 10-year warranty on the larger buses and 3- or 5-year warranties on the smaller buses