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Council Priorities

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Our priorities are grounded in the lessons of the City’s history and the values of inclusiveness, mutual respect and self-reliance that are the hallmarks of our future.

We will be responsive to our residents’ needs as we address these priorities and continue to deliver what we promise. Our focus is to improve the quality of life for every Oklahoma City resident. 

Promote safe, secure, and thriving neighborhoods

Neighborhoods are the building blocks of a great city and residents expect safe neighborhoods that provide a high quality of life. We will continue to promote strong and safe neighborhoods by providing public safety services, effective code enforcement, and support for neighborhood revitalization efforts.  We will work with our partners to support education initiatives that encourage strong neighborhood schools. 

Progress Indicators

  • Crime rate
  • % of residents who report they feel safe
  • Police response time
  • Fire response time
  • EMSA response time
  • % of residents who are satisfied with the overall quality of their neighborhood
  • % of property maintenance and code violations resolved voluntarily

Develop a transportation system that works for all residents

A transportation system that gets people where they need to go in a timely manner and accommodates various means of mobility is necessary to connect residents and businesses. Improving the condition of streets is the top priority of our residents and will continue to receive significant investment in the coming years. We are making strides to become more pedestrian and cyclist friendly through better planning, design and construction of complete streets, sidewalks, and trails. There is also a growing interest in improving public transportation within Oklahoma City and the central Oklahoma region. Regional solutions and funding for public transportation are a prerequisite to effectively serve the region and maximize the effectiveness of the system. Attention to new developments in transportation, such as autonomous vehicles, is needed to ensure Oklahoma City is ready to benefit from the coming changes.

Progress Indicators

  • % of residents satisfied with the condition of City streets
  • # of miles of trails and sidewalks constructed
  • # of EMBARK riders per service hour
  • Average commute time in Oklahoma City
  • # of EMBARK bus service hours
  • Average EMBARK frequency during peak hours

Maintain strong financial management

Prudent financial leadership will allow us to continue to meet resident needs and maintain resident confidence as we uphold our commitment to manage cost growth within available revenues. Expanding the revenue base through greater diversification of revenue sources will help the City meet the needs of our residents as the City grows. We expect sound financial leadership from elected, appointed and professional City staff. 

Progress Indicators

  • Maintain AAA bond rating
  • % of General Fund budget maintained in unbudgeted reserve
  • % of General Fund budget from sales tax

Enhance recreational opportunities and community wellness

Providing quality recreational opportunities, communicating more effectively with the public about the options available and working with our partners to promote healthy living are important for the wellbeing of our community. To provide convenient and attractive options for residents, our parks and recreation facilities will be well maintained and provide a wide variety of recreational offerings that appeal to all of our residents.

Progress Indicators

  • % of residents that report regular leisure time physical activity
  • % of residents living within a ½ mile of a recreation facility, trail or park
  • City county health department wellness score
  • % of residents satisfied with maintenance of City parks
  • % of residents reporting regular use of an Oklahoma City park or attendance at a park program

Encourage a robust local economy

A strong economy that supports job creation and improves the local tax base is fundamental to our growth. To make Oklahoma City an attractive option for current and future residents and businesses, we will encourage a high quality of life for residents and promote a pro-business environment that makes it clear we value the contribution of a strong business community. We recognize the need to foster innovation and embrace technological advances to move our city forward. 

Progress Indicators

  • # of people employed
  • Average weekly earnings
  • # of enplanements at Will Rogers World Airport

Uphold high standards for all city services

City services have a direct and immediate impact on residents and are essential to the quality of life in our city. The interactions residents have with City employees influences opinions of City government and the value they receive for the taxes and fees they pay.  Maintaining high standards for City services is essential to maintaining the positive reputation Oklahoma City has and helps make Oklahoma City an attractive place for individuals and businesses. With a commitment to providing quality customer service, we will continue to follow best practices in achieving and exceeding expectations for effective service delivery.

Progress Indicators

  • % of residents satisfied with the quality of City services
  • % of service requests received through the Action Center acted upon within 10 working days
  • % of wastewater backup calls responded to within 2 hours
  • % of water main breaks repaired within 72 hours
  • % of scheduled solid waste routes collected by 5:00 pm
  • % of pothole repairs completed within 3 days of request

Continue to pursue social and criminal justice initiatives

All people deserve to be treated with dignity, fairness, and respect.  Pursuit of these values provides unity within our community to move our City forward and place us at the forefront of communities which seek the betterment of all people.  We will ensure equitable justice through continued criminal justice system reform and increased engagement with residents and community groups. We will support our partners and promote access to social services that facilitate a better future for those in need.

Progress Indicators

  • % of residents citywide reporting they feel safe
  • % of officers who have received procedural justice training
  • % change in the number of people incarcerated for municipal charges
  • # of prisoner days utilized by Oklahoma City at the Oklahoma County jail
  • # of homeless persons identified during the Point-In-Time Count
  • # of federally assisted affordable rental housing units

Adopted by the Mayor and City Council Jan. 31, 2017.