O. A. Cargill

Dates in office: April 4, 1923 - April 12, 1927
Born: February 26, 1885
Died: March 20, 1973

O A Cargill

Otto Arthur Cargill came to Oklahoma from Arkansas in 1901. He lived in Stroud and Cushing until moving to Oklahoma City in 1912. Upon settling in Oklahoma City, Cargill worked as a streetcar conductor and later joined the City’s police force. He studied law at night and was admitted to the State Bar in 1916. He served as County Attorney from 1919 to 1920.  
When Mayor Cargill assumed office, the City was in poor financial shape.  Reform efforts were stymied by members of former Mayor Walton’s administration who remained in office.  The citizens lost faith in the City government and voted in 1926 to replace the Commission government with a Mayor-Council-Manager government as set forth in a new City Charter.
Successful lobbying efforts during Mayor Cargill’s term led to the US Postmaster General’s office officially declaring that the City’s Post Office would be named the Oklahoma City Post Office. Following his stint as Mayor, Cargill practiced law. Unfortunately, he became embroiled in scandals involving Oklahoma Supreme Court justices and was convicted of perjury in 1965.