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Watering Variance Program

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Read The Variance Program Here.

There may be circumstances when the Water Conservation Program watering schedules cannot be reasonably followed. For cases in which the watering schedule places undue hardship, account holders may request a variance to the watering program.

Variance Request Forms 

Newly installed landscape application (Including newly planted sod or seed)

Existing in-ground water irrigation system (systems incapable of odd/even watering, request to move to Stage 2 or 3, other special circumstance).

Save the form to your computer, type information in the corresponding fields or write legibly. Return completed applications to: 


Utilities Department, Water Conservation Section
1 North Walker Avenue
Oklahoma City, OK 73102

(405) 552-6200


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  • How do I apply for a variance?
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  • What happens after I submit my variance application?
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