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  • Is it possible to water during winter months without risk of citations?
  • How long will a first-offense watering violation remain on file before a second offense violation be fined?
  • Will the water conservation program allow me to fill or refill my pool?
  • Am I allowed to wash my car in the driveway
  • Are residents that use water wells included in the City’s water conservation program?
  • Are golf courses required to abide by the outdoor watering program?
  • Will public pools be closed when stricter water conservation measures are implemented?
  • Do splash grounds re-circulate water?
  • How do residents comply with odd/even watering if they have an irrigation controller that cannot be programmed for odd/even watering?
  • Does water conservation mean I can’t water my gardens and flower beds every day?
  • Will every other day be enough to keep my yard green and healthy?
  • Why do we remain under mandatory watering schedules even when lakes are full?
  • Why did the City of Oklahoma City implement a water conservation program and how long will it last?
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