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Enforcement Policy

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The City of Oklahoma City implemented a Progressive Water Conservation Program on April 30, 2013, with Stage 1 Odd-Even Watering in effect all the time. The program’s five stages are based on the water supply lakes’ combined capacity and the last digit of the house address.

Watering during freezing temperatures may also result in a fine.

Violating the watering program could result in a fine:

  • First offense: $119 fine plus $83 court cost = $202
  • Second offense: $269 fine plus $83 court cost = $352
  • Third offense: $519 fine plus $83 court cost = $602
  • Fourth offense: $750 bond and up to $1,200 fine for those who continue to violate the program

(According to Section 33-63 of the Oklahoma City Municipal Code)

Report watering violations to the Action Center.