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What you need to know about the City's NEW large cart recycling program.

New Recycling Cart 2018 Why is the City starting this new recycling program? 
By providing eligible customers with a larger rolling recycle cart, we hope to increase the number of residents who participate in recycling by making it easier to recycle. When residents recycle, those materials are diverted to a recycling facility where they can be re-purposed for future use. This will help us extend the life of our landfills as our population continues to grow, keeping future costs down.

When does the program start?
The new every-other-week curbside pick-up begins in July. Visit to see your household is eligible for curbside recycling and when your service will start.

I will not get curbside at my house. What can I do? 
Certain parts of town are still considered to be in our rural service area. This means that those residences are either not near a road serviced by a regular route, or are in an area where space between houses makes pick-up more costly. For these residents, we are providing two new 24/7 drop-off centers where they can take their recyclable goods. These will be located at NE 63 and Westminster and SE 74 and Douglas.

Is there a cost for the new program?
No. All trash, recycling and bulky waste services are bundled under a single, flat fee charged to all customers.This allows us to run a more efficient program. Customers who do not recycle will still be charged the same solid waste fee regardless of whether they use it.   

I didn't get a new green cart, but my neighbors did. What do I do?
Oops! It looks like you got missed. Please contact our Customer Services Center so we can get you on our list to deliver a cart to you in June. You may call them at (405) 297-2833, or email If you email, please include your street address and Utilities Account #.

Why did the City suspending recycling services for the month of June?
We're taking a break from recycling in June so we can change over our fleet. The Little Blue program requires side-loading trucks that contain compartments for different types of recyclable materials. Employees run from house to house and empty "Little Blue" into these compartments. The new carts are like Big Blue, so we'll need trucks with automated arms that can lift and empty them. We'll also need to train our employees on how to operate these trucks, plus learn their new pick-up routes. 

Will my recycling be picked up on the same day as my trash?
Yes. The recycling pick-up day (Monday, Tuesday, etc.) will be the same as your weekly trash pick-up day. The only difference is that recycling will be picked up once every other week. See your upcoming recycling dates here.

Why are you only picking up every other week?
Your new green recycle cart holds 5 times the amount of materials as did the Little Blue bin. As such, we do not anticipate needing to pick the large carts as frequently.

When the new program starts, can I use my Little Blue bin instead of the big green cart?
No. As we are changing to a system that involves automated cart lifts on the sides of our trucks, we will no longer pick up recycling from the Little Blue bin.

Can I use my second Big Blue trash cart for recycling instead? 
No. Please use your Big Blue for trash and your new Big Green cart for recycling.

Can I use my new recycling cart for excess trash or yard waste? 
No. Your Big Green cart is for recyclable materials only. If crews see that you have used the recycle cart for non-recyclable trash, they will tag it and will not empty it.

Can I put my yard trash in my new recycle cart? 
No. Place yard debris in your Big Blue carts only (preferably bagged). If you are on an urban route and receive bagged service for yard debris, place extra bagged yard waste at the curb, but only if both Big Blues are full. If crews see you have used the recycle cart for yard waste, they will not empty it.

Can I have more than one large green recycling cart?
At this time, we 're only delivering one green cart per eligible household. We may look at more options in the future depending upon the success of the program.

What can I put in the new recycling cart?
Our "What to Recycle" page breaks down the kinds of materials we currently accept (office and newspaper, plastics #1-7, glass, aluminum and steel). As soon as the new program starts, we'll update that page to include information on cardboard (yes, including those shipping boxes), as well as paperboard (think milk and similar food cartons).

Should I put my recycling in plastic bags before putting them in the cart?
No. We cannot accept plastic bags of any kind, including trash bags, since they can clog the sorting machines. Please place your recyclable materials loosely inside your cart and close the lid. If you want to use paper sacks for shredded paper or newspaper, that is okay.

Do I need to separate my recycling?
No. With the new cart, you can put all recyclable goods in together as part of what's called a "Single Stream" program. Please see our What to Recycle page for what and how to Recycle Right.

Do I need to rinse everything out?
No, but please rinse out those products that may leave food residue (i.e. jellies, jams, dressings, soup cans, vegetable cans, etc.) Items don’t have to be perfectly clean, but at least clean enough that large food particles and/or fatty substances are removed. Rinsing recyclable containers helps minimize contamination.

Do I have to remove the labels?
No. You do not need to remove labels.

What about lids?
For plastic bottles, simply empty the bottle, put the lid back on, then place the whole bottle into your cart. For glass jars with metal lids, just clean or rinse the jar out, then place the jar and lid in separately.

How do I know what to recycle? There are too many things to learn about.
Recycling is easy and takes very little effort. Visit our list on our What to Recycle Page, or call our Customer Service Call Center at (405) 297-2833 and order a copy of our Trash & Recycling brochure.

Where does the recycling go?
Recyclable materials are distributed to our contractor's Materials Recovery Facility (MRF, or "murf" for short). they are processed through a process called "Single Stream." This means that customers put all of their recyclables into a single cart and they are separated and processed at the facility. This video explains the "Single Stream" process.

I am currently on the City’s House Side service. Will that apply to recycling, as well?

Yes. Unless you are in a rural pick-up zone that does not receive curbside recycling, your new recycling cart will be picked up from your house side, just like your Big Blue. If you have questions, please email or call our Customer Service Call Center at (405) 297-2833.

My area will still not receive curbside recycling service. Why?
Curbside recycling is only available to households considered located within the urban service districts of the City. Rural areas in the city’s outskirts do not have enough households for us to provide service at a rate that would be cost-efficient to our residents. We will be building local recycling drop-off centers to accommodate customers in these areas soon.

Will the City punish me/fine me if I don’t recycle?
No. However, we encourage all residents who have not recycled before to give it a try. It’s easy, and takes hardly any more effort than throwing out the trash, and benefits us all.

Can I return one of my Big Blue carts and use the green cart instead?
We are encouraging everyone to keep all three carts for their trash & recycling services. However, should you find you don't need your second Big Blue, you may call our Customer Services Center and asked to have it picked up. Please note, if you return a Big Blue and are in a bagged service area, we will no longer pick up excess bagged if you return one of your Big Blues since bagged pick-up requires that both Big Blues be filled first.

Can I opt out of the program?
While we'd like to encourage everyone to give recycling a try, we also recognize it's not for everyone. If you wish to opt out of our recycling program, please call our Customer Service Center at (405) 297-2833.