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Water Treatment

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Draper Water Treatment Plant

The Draper water treatment plant is located at 13700 S Douglas Blvd. Construction of the plant was completed in 1964.  

Current treatment capacity is 150 million gallons a day.

Water treated at the Draper plant comes from Lake Atoka in southeastern Oklahoma. Water from Atoka Lake travels through a 60-inch, 100-mile-long pipeline to Draper Lake. The elevation of Atoka and McGee Creek are lower than Draper’s. Six stations along the Atoka pipeline pump water through the pipeline.  When lake levels are low, water from McGee Creek Lake, also in southeast Oklahoma, can be transported to Draper via the Atoka pipeline.    

The Draper water treatment plant has an underground storage capacity of 15 million gallons of treated water. During average conditions, Draper’s water is distributed to the south and east sections of Oklahoma City.

Hefner Water Treatment Plant

The Hefner water treatment plant is located 500 feet north of the Lake Hefner dam at 3827 W Hefner Rd. Construction of the plant was completed in 1947. A water intake tower is located 150 feet south of the dam. When the water elevation is sufficiently high, water flows by gravity to the plant for treatment. If the lake level is low, pumps can boost flow into the plant. 

Treatment capacity is 100 million gallons a day.

The Hefner plant has four 5-million gallon underground wells for treated water storage. During average conditions, Hefner’s water is distributed to north and west sections of Oklahoma City.

Overholser Water Treatment Plant

The Overholser water treatment plant is located at 601 N. Pennsylvania. Construction of the plant was completed in 1922. Source water for the Overholser reservoir is the North Canadian River. Lake Overholser water flows by gravity down an 8-mile pipeline from the intake structure to the treatment plant.  

Treatment capacity is 25 million gallons a day. 

The Overholser plant stores treated water in two above ground tanks, each holding 5 million gallons of water. The pumping station delivers water to the distribution system, as needed, to maintain system pressure and fire protection throughout the city. Under average conditions, Overholser water is distributed to the downtown area and west along I-40.