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Tap Water Odor

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Sometimes you may smell rotten eggs or sewage when you turn on the tap. Usually the smell is in the drain not the tap water. The smell is likely sewer gasses caused by bacteria that live on food, soap, hair and other organic matter in the drain. You may also notice particles in the water that are not supposed to be there. The most common problem is build-up in your house plumbing and not the water heater.

There are some easy steps you can take to eliminate the smell and particles.

Gasses are heavier than air and remain in the drain until the water is turned on, especially if it’s a faucet you don’t use often. When water runs down the drain, the gases are expelled into the air. That’s why the water smells funny when you turn it on the faucet.

Three ways to eliminate taste, odor and color issues from your household pipes.

  1. Flush pipes  
  2. Flush water heater
  3. Disinfect drains