Maintain landscape mulch to save water 

Adding a 2-3 inch layer of mulch in flowerbeds, vegetable gardens and around trees and shrubs is an easy way to save water and protects plants from summertime temperature changes. Organic mulches such as wood chips decompose and add much-needed organic matter to the soil. Avoid mounding mulch around plants and trees, which can cause trunk rot. Replace mulch as it breaks down to keep saving water all year round. SqueezeEveryDrop.com for details.

Take a few minutes to check your sprinklers

As the warm weather comes on, so do sprinkler systems. Keep your sprinklers in shape by doing a simple checkup this season. Turn on the system and look for broken heads, misting or sprinklers watering the streets. Make a note and get problems fixed to save water all year long. 
Visit our Water Conservation Video Series for simple solutions to common irrigation problems.

Save even more

Thinking about redesigning your landscape? Add water-wise and Oklahoma native plants instead of
cool-season grasses such as tall fescue. Drought-tolerant plants are attractive and require less water and maintenance. Black-Eyed Susan and Blanket Flower attract butterflies to the garden. Russian Sage and Yucca provide unique texture. Catmint and Rosemary introduce fragrant foliage to the landscape.
For more Oklahoma-appropriate plants go to SqueezeEveryDrop.com    

WC-Newly installed landscape application


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News & Alerts

Storm Debris Collection

City officials have completed their assessment of the storm damage path from the severe storm that hit OKC on Saturday, May 25. If you live in the designated storm area and experienced damage from the storm, please put any tree limbs, fencing or other vegetative waste and set it out on the curbside for collection beginning on May 29. 

Crews will make two sweeps of the designated storm area between May 29 and June 17. See our Storm Debris Collection page for a map of the designated storm area and set-out instructions.  

For more information, please call Utilities Customer Service at 297-2833.

Too much trash? Order extra Big Blue carts for $2.25 per month

Each Oklahoma City trash and recycling service customer gets two 96-gallon Big Blue trash carts included in their $22.65 monthly charge. But many residents need more space. You can add a third - or even fourth - Big Blue cart for just $2.25 per month, per cart.

Having an extra cart can:

  • cut down on messes from bags that get torn open;
  • help get trash to the curb since the carts have wheels;
  • helps neighborhoods look neat and clean;
  • helps keep trash contained and away from animals, or windy weather.

A $15 processing fee may be incurred if the cart is returned within the first three months. 

 To order an extra Big Blue cart, call Utilities Customer Service at (405) 297-2833.

Keep contact information up to date. 

You can do so online at: https://myutilities.okc.gov/  Log in then click on Update my Info.  Or register if you don’t have an account. The Utilities Department staff will only use your information to contact you by phone, text or email for events, such as:

  • Emergency water main breaks, pipeline repairs or projects under way
  • Major residential street closures due to work in the street
  • Storm debris set out instructions
  • Revisions in solid waste collection services

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